Plan an Outing With Friends – Downtown Rocky Mount, NC


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We’re never too old to invite friends to come out to play on a fine summer day, which is what I did not long ago. Truth be told, my playmates hadn’t been downtown Rocky Mount for a while. They noticed right away how great Main Street looks; a streetscape that has settled in, is growing and attractive.


Stepheny and Ginny

Our first stop was Virginia’s Dress Shop, 164 W. Main Street, owed by Ginny Davis. Perhaps some of you knew her mother, who ran the shop for years. The shop is a nostalgic mix of half slips and beautiful silky night gowns and WOW jackets with reversible linings. If you are looking for a special occasion dress, this is one of Virginia’s specialties. There are a lot of new women in town; go meet Ginny and her nice staff. Haven’t been to Virginia’s for a while? We had a wonderful time and left with some lovely things. You will too.


Jan, Mary Ruth, Sarah Katherine and Stepheny with our purchases

Our next stop was The Bath Place, 205 NE Main Street.  Kimberly Thigpen left the banking world to open a business in the Douglas Block in Rocky Mount and sells handmade, all-natural soaps, lotions, scrubs and other beauty and health products. Like children in a candy shop, faced with so many choices, we had fun deciding on the right scent and the right product. Selecting only one fragrance proved impossible while buying for ourselves and selecting gifts for others. One of my personal mottos rings true at The Bath Place,  if one is good, two is better. These happy faces tell the tale.


We headed to The Prime Smokehouse, 207 E. Thomas Street, for lunch. Always a friendly place, a comfortable atmosphere, the food is great. The Shrimp & Grits appetizer with a cup of tomato basil soup, and the crab cake sandwich with collards are all delicious. I ordered a perfect glass of SWEET tea to top off our summer play day.

IMG_2208    IMG_2206

7 thoughts on “Plan an Outing With Friends – Downtown Rocky Mount, NC

  1. The personal attention given in these locally owned businesses makes for a most enjoyable experience. Good times! Thanks Stepheny!


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