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Reasons Why This Housing Development Game Should be Cancelled – A Team of Ineligible Players – Part 2

Many years ago Princeton University’s basketball team came to Chicago to play the DePaul Blue Demons, coached by Ray Meyer. My husband (a Princeton graduate) and I went off to see the game. Princeton’s slow and deliberate offense was in … Continue reading

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A Downtown Facade Grant Program Being Considered by Rocky Mount City Council

Believe me, this is an important┬ástep when talking about saving Main Street. Programs across the country, regardless of what they are called, that have focused on the restoration and renovation of the facades of their commercial Main Street buildings, have … Continue reading

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‘Planting Your Flag in the Ground’ – Another City Council Meeting

“If you have eyes to see past the broken glass and boarded facades, if you look up as I do, you will see what I see. Commercial architecture holding the heartbeat and stories of Rocky Mount.” -Stepheny Houghtlin This quote … Continue reading

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