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Investor, Jesse Gerstl – I’ve Seen the Super Man Cape He Wears

I often leave comments on the Concerned Citizens Facebook Page. Like all of us, the page has its good days and bad. Some comments have more clarity than others. I have no trouble making room for diverse opinions as long … Continue reading

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You Can Come Home Again – Erwin Wilde Did – Home To Machaven

Erwin Wilde came home to Machaven last night. A house built in 1907-1908 for her grandmother, and James Hines, her grandfather, a leading businessman, civic leader. H.P.S. Keller was the architect for the 2 1/2-story, Classical Revival style brick dwelling with … Continue reading

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They Call Me – Machaven – Great News – I’m Back!

  “The old house had a thousand doors in it. All old houses do. You can see them if you know how to look: the noontime shadow of a windowpane crawling with intent across a floor; unmeasured angles of wall … Continue reading

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Where Are We Today? Grab Your Coat and Get Your Hat – Take My Hand

I grew up listening to Paul Harvey and the rest of the story on WGN radio. The program was followed by Orion Samuelson, who was the “Voice of American Agriculture.” Corn was up soybeans down. Iowa farmer  (somebody) lost his crop … Continue reading

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They Call Me Machaven – Speaking Out About Old Age and Remaining Useful

People call me Machaven, but I think of myself as a Hines. It seems like yesterday (1907-1908)  that I was built for James Hines, a leading businessman, civic leader, and his wife. Of course, I credit the architect, H.P.S. Keller, for … Continue reading

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