People Making a Difference in Rocky Mount

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Evan Covington Chavez

With so many interesting things to write about, it was hard to decide where to begin until I spent time with Evan Chavez, a bright and capable woman who is making a difference in our community. She’s like the poster child for this blog because she holds firmly in her hands, a two-sided coin, one side that represents the past, the other, the future. Metaphorically, it is like Evan has stepped out onto a bridge that is under construction, and when the bridge is complete, she will have helped span the gap between what once was, what is happening now, and what will be.

Evan is the Development Manager, Capitol Broadcasting Company, for the Brewmill, once the Rocky Mount Mills. Her title doesn’t begin to describe the fact that she is the heartbeat of the project, along with others we will visit over time. Raised in North Carolina by a father who is a historian, he taught his daughter well. Evan’s eyes shine when she talks about the history of the Mills, proudly explaining how the buildings were once used. She has the knack for story telling that makes the project she is now shepherding come alive before your eyes.

Evan is in the business of helping to create a new world here in Rocky Mount. Hers is an enviable job, different everyday, innovative, and challenging. One moment she stands quietly overlooking the river that flows at her feet, the next explaining what brewery incubators are, and what turn key (space) means for micro breweries. She talks about the Brew Master – Sebastian Wolfrum, tells you about Koi Pond Brewery/Eric Gailoni, and SpringBoardINC, supporting entrepreneurship, the first two Brewmill tenants. Evan Chavez has a heart for it all….82 acres of land, houses & mill; a unique space providing opportunities for the breweries, small businesses, restaurants and residential living. What could be more exciting than building a future on the firm foundations of the Rocky Mount Mills. IMG_2247

Looking Through the Rocky Mount Mill Windows Into The Future