Living Above the Store on Main Street in Rocky Mount, NC -Andrew and Nicolle Clark are Repairers of the Breach


“Across the country, communities like ours are reimagining themselves. They are involved in the monumental task of enticing people into their historic downtown core areas that offer beautiful architecture in silent buildings waiting for a second life. Those places with a great story, that can offer a sense of place, like we have in Rocky Mount, are making progress. The renewal concepts that are in play are fascinating as the pieces of the puzzle fill in.” SFH

Andrew Clark, Rental Property Investor lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife, Nicolle, who is a scientist at RPT, and their first child. Andrew was drawn to the affordability of our Main Street property for investment.

When I first wrote about his two newly acquired commercial buildings on SE Main Street. he told me, “My wife and I bought two commercial properties on Main St (Music City & Lights buildings). We are currently doing full gut rehabs on both buildings financed by a local Rocky Mount bank. We will have two 2000sqft+ luxury lofts on the second floors and two commercial spaces on the bottom. We plan to attract restaurants on the bottom of each of these buildings.”

The two apartments are complete. It was a celebration to see that from the heart and soul of these two wonderful people the restoration and repurposing of these buildings are a reality. Here is another ‘living above the store’ dream come true. It is a vital piece of the puzzle to attract people to the historic core downtown. Their vision, creativity, and high standards, will carry over to the two public spaces on the ‘to do’ list.

This post is dedicated to Andrew & Nicolle, Repairers of the Breach, with admiration, appreciation, and many thanks on behalf of Main Street, Rocky Mount, NC


PS: Andrew told me when they started their project: “Active investors are all over Rocky Mount. I can personally attest to having friends who have in the last 18 months purchased 15 + downtown commercial buildings, 150+ single family homes, and many multifamily units.”

Don’t believe for a moment the rhetoric that talks about ‘outsiders,’ as if they are up to no good. Nothing is further from the truth. The obstacles they have encountered are attempts by the usual suspects to maintain control. These tactics are finally falling on deaf ears. Those I call the “Moe Generation” and the Repairers of the Breach, are planting their flags, saving buildings, bringing new businesses, creating a community in the core of historic downtown. A powerful train roared down the track towards Rocky Mount. People got off the train and said, this is the place. It certainly is!

Main street is thankful for all those involved in honoring the past and building a future. Without the Andrew’s and Nicolle’s who have come to town, we’d be in the same shape we were seven years ago when I first went downtown to find a deteriorating, silent Main Street.

3 thoughts on “Living Above the Store on Main Street in Rocky Mount, NC -Andrew and Nicolle Clark are Repairers of the Breach

  1. Thank you, Stepheny, for keeping us all up to date on the positive projects in RM. The hours you spend educating all of us keeps the train moving down the tracks. It is no longer easy for the despots to rule–you put their toes in the fire!


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