Up On The Rooftop in Rocky Mount, NC at Davis Lofts

Stepheny Standing on the Rooftop

“The current passion for reuse might be explained by sustainability or fashion but, most importantly, it affords a sense of history and texture, taking advantage of buildings already embedded in cities. They are buildings with atmosphere, history, and stories inscribed in their fabric. And sometimes sustainability isn’t just about the energy and materials saved but about the stories, craft and intelligence embodied in its walls.” -Paul Miles – The Financial Times

I have used Paul Miles quote before because it says perfectly why I have a passion for the preservation, restoration and repurposing of commercial architecture. It is why I place my hand on old brick to connect with the past craftsmen that built a structure still standing and worthy of preserving.

I saw this rooftop space when it was a plain roof. Now handsome flooring and sleek black metal railings have turned a vision for the space into a reality. This initial staging of the space gives you an idea how creative Troy Davis has been with the repurposing of two buildings on Main Street. When I saw Troy on the occasion of an open house he was filled with energy and happy greetings for everyone.

My translation of his demeanor is this: it is about the deep satisfaction of a job well done, of triumph over obstacles, of leaving a mark on Main Street in the midst of revitalization. On the rooftop, I met a beautiful young woman who has come to town for a big job. She has made her decision to move into Davis Lofts. Living above the store, she becomes an important addition to the emerging historic downtown community living in Rocky Mount.

It is cause for celebration that projects are being undertaken in the Main Street area. Doors have opened, people are gathering to live. Come downtown to support the restaurants and other entertainment businesses, to find new shopping and services. John Jesso used to say, “Main Street is the living room of Rocky Mount.” There are seats for everyone in this living room. When the rooftop opens for business, I’ll see you there.

This post is dedicated to Troy Davis and his workmen and staff. Thank you for a piece of the puzzle in the revitalization of Rocky Mount, NC.

One thought on “Up On The Rooftop in Rocky Mount, NC at Davis Lofts

  1. You rock, Stepheny!
    What would Rocky Mount do without its cheerleader?
    I think you have led the cheer and the fans are following.
    Big hugs,
    Rodd and John

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