New Podcast Today: Talking Main Street With Stepheny #3


Inviting you to listen to the latest Podcast (under five minutes.) It has been an up-hill learning curve but I’m determined. Looking at the audio track after recording, the blue up and down lines with spaces reminds me of life in general… Sailing along, singing a happy tune, and then that pause when you have forgotten that your glasses are on your head, or standing in front of the open refrigerator forgetting what you needed. You get my point. Each podcast is about Main Street with some storytelling, reflection, and enthusiasm thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

Year 2 – Episode #3 City Council of Rocky Mount,NC. 'Point of Order" Talking Main Street With Stepheny

Thank you for taking time to listen to this 5-minute podcast, Talking Main Street with Stepheny. Whatever the subject is for the podcast, it has to do with preservation, restoration and repurposing of Main Street and beyond. In this weeks audio podcast, 'Point of Order" is predicated on the City  Council meeting on January 24 where Stepheny found herself rising from her seat calling for a point of order. Turns out there is no point of order for the public. You'll have to listen to Stepheny tell her story to find out what happened.
  1. Year 2 – Episode #3 City Council of Rocky Mount,NC. 'Point of Order"
  2. Season 2- Episode 2: The 'What's in it for Me Housing Strategy'
  3. Episode 1: 2022 Rocky Mount Housing
  4. Episode 30: The Lights of Christmas in Rocky Mount, NC 2021
  5. Episode 29: The Tar River Orchestra and Chorus, a Rocky Mount, NC Gem

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