New Podcast Today: Talking Main Street With Stepheny #3


Inviting you to listen to the latest Podcast (under five minutes.) It has been an up-hill learning curve but I’m determined. Looking at the audio track after recording, the blue up and down lines with spaces reminds me of life in general… Sailing along, singing a happy tune, and then that pause when you have forgotten that your glasses are on your head, or standing in front of the open refrigerator forgetting what you needed. You get my point. Each podcast is about Main Street with some storytelling, reflection, and enthusiasm thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

Season 2: Episode 12 – The Way it has Always Been in rocky Mount, NC Talking Main Street With Stepheny

Stepheny met a lovely lady on Washington St. while taking photographs of the wonderful restored facades along the block. She tells us that she pays careful attention to the people who come into her life. From their conversation, the lady said that nothing ever changes, no matter who the councilman with their doggy business. It is just the way it is.( Doggy is Stepheny's word for what goes on under the table.) Listen to this 5-minute Podcast Talking Main Street with Stepheny to hear the rest of the story. 
  1. Season 2: Episode 12 – The Way it has Always Been in rocky Mount, NC
  2. Season 2: Episode 11 Chocolate Eclairs and Peter Varney
  3. Season 2: Episode 10 – Another Day Older in Rocky Mount, NC
  4. Season 2: Episode 9 – Living Above the Store on Main Street in Rocky Mount, NC
  5. Season 2- Episode 8: A Plan for Rocky Mount, NC

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