Celebrating the Beginning of the 5th Year on Main Street Rocky Mount

I’m touching a brick wall to honor the workman, the results of their labors, and the enduring quality of what still stands.  To my way of thinking, touching an old brick wall honors the past while believing in the future that is being created in Rocky Mount.

July 27, 2015 – It began like this –

“In launcing this new blog, I hope to make an enthusiastic contribution to the new chapters that are being written about this place we call home.  The theme of this site is Honoring the Past, Building a Future. I will be writing about places and people, past and present, places like The Rocky Mount Mills and the Historic Districts that are pearls of great price in our midst.  I invite you to come and stand with me on Carr Street and listen once again to the echo of children’s laughter, and to the sound of the katydids in the trees.

A doctor will tell you they don’t know why attitude is important in getting well, they only know that it is.  A positive attitude is paramount in the day to day efforts of building the future here in Rocky Mount, NC.  The on going creative process takes time and patience while keeping our eye on the prize.”

Evan Chavez – Rocky Mount Mills – The poster child for the preservation, restoration and repurposing of this historic place that has given a new definition to what it means to be successful.

I celebrated two of the anniversaries writing about Evan Chavez.

“The first post I wrote for Main Street Rocky Mount, July 27, 2015,  featured Evan Covington Chavez. I said then and I say now, that this bright and capable woman is the poster child for this blog because she holds in her hands a two-sided coin. One side represents the past, and the other, the future. She is Capitol Broadcasting Company’s Development Manager for the Rocky Mount Mills. I think of Evan stepping onto a bridge that is under construction, and when the bridge is complete, she will have helped span the gap between once upon a time and what will be. Her dedication and hard work guarantee that her name will be remembered when the future story of the Rocky Mount Mills is told.”

The City Council Chambers

Though I am a political junkie, it was not my attention to write about politics on the blog. The day came, against the advise of others, when I acknowledged that the path to the future kept landing me on the rocks of City Government.

Post 9-25-19

“The Siren call lures nearby sailors to crash upon the rocks of the islands of dangerous creatures. It is their enchanting music and singing that calls them. I am lured by the story of Main Street and the significance of commercial and residential architecture. The corollary danger for me started with my research and learning. The more people that took me under their wing to talk, the more I grew to love the possibilities, yet ended up crashing on the rocks of City Government. I found that possibilities are mismanaged, certain members of the City Council rig the system, talented and good people leave or are pushed out, and we have an investigation into maleficence and the skullduggery of leadership that casts a wide net of consequences.

Crashing on these rocks, my writing on the Main Street blog shifted to finding answers that explain the state of things downtown and in the surrounding areas of neglect. I hate having to grapple with the possibility that we will never have real prosperity; the prosperity of spirit in people’s lives in Rocky Mount because certain members of the City Council game the system for their own benefit.”

Lunch at Barley and Burger – A Place to Celebrate the blog’s anniversary.


With this anniversary, I return to the image of Peter Pan coming to the front of the stage. Because Tinker Bell’s light is fading, Peter says to the audiance, “Clap if you believe.” The clapping revives Tinker’s light and she lives on. As we begin another year together, I ask again, “Clap If You Believe!”



11 thoughts on “Celebrating the Beginning of the 5th Year on Main Street Rocky Mount

  1. I would love for you to put all your blog in a book form for purchase. I would love to purchase one!!


    1. I would love to make a book out of them and keep toying with the idea, but keep writing more and not taking the time to make this happen. I’m delighted that the posts have been meaningful to you. Thank you for keeping me company on Main Street!


      1. I guess it would be difficult to decide at what point you stop and print. This anniversary could be a good time. There are many unresolved issues but that will always be true.


  2. Your comment about a positive attitude takes me back over 37 years when I was on a team working with parents, school teachers, and administrators on improving our high school’s image. The high school was known for it’s athletic achievements and an excellent Vocational tech option for students who wanted a job after graduation. One theme we constantly discussed was keeping a positive attitude on improving our school. We established an Academic Booster Club. We used this Club to encourage academic excellence, to recognize academic achievement, to publicize academic activities, and to promote academic success. Our theme was set the PACE, which was an abbreviation for a “Positive Attitude Cures Everything.” That Booster Club is still active today.


  3. Happy anniversary. I have read each blog from the very beginning. You are talented and an inspiration. My heart will forever have a place for Rocky Mount. Knowing you are her ambassador gives me hope that she will shine once more.


    1. Thank you for these kind words and for keeping me company on Main Street while reading the blog. I’m listening to Billy Joel music lately. He sings, I took the good times, I’ll take the bad times, I’ll take you just the way you are. That’s the predicament we find ourselves in with Main Street. You and I are believers. Consider yourself hugged.


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