The Secret Garden ll on Tarboro Street at Five Points Celebrating A Small Downtown Business

I know everyone’s mind is on the results of the state audit. The impact of this opening  salvo produced nary a resignation, no one took responsibility for anything, and the piece de resistance, refutable evidence was ‘racially motivated and fueled by white supremacists.’ One of my favorite quotations is, ”We have investigated ourselves and found ourselves to be innocent.” As incredulous as I am over last Tuesday’s special meeting, we have to remember that we have real people, with great financial investment in their small businesses downtown. They  believe in Rocky Mount and its future. They are the future! We can let the shame of all this define who we are or find a way to pick ourselves up and rally around the possibilities Main Street is about. The Secret Garden II  is the perfect example of  a great asset that needs our support and appreciation.

“The walls behind the counter had deep floor-to-ceiling shelves for vases and jam jars and scented candles, and there was an old wrought-iron revolving stand for cards. But most of the space in the long, narrow shop was taken up with flowers and plants. Today there were fifty-two kinds of cut blooms, from the tiny cobalt-blue violets that were smaller than Lara’s  (Javelin Guilford) little fingernail to a purple-and-green-frilled brassica that was bigger than her head. The flowers were set out in gleaming metal buckets and containers of every shape and size. They were lined up on the floor three deep and stacked on the tall three-tier stand in the middle of the shop.

The plants, huge leafy ferns, and tiny fleshy succulents, lemon trees and jasmine bushes and freckled orchids, were displayed on floating shelves that were built at various heights all the way up to the ceiling. Lara (Javelin) had spent weeks getting the lighting right. There were a few soft spotlights above the flower displays, and an antique crystal chandelier hung low above the counter. There were strings of fairy lights and dozens of jewel-colored tea lights and tall, slender lanterns dotted between the buckets. When they were lit, the cast star and crescent moon shapes along the walls, and the shop resembled the courtyard of a Moroccan riad- a tiny walled garden right in the middle of the city.”  ― Ella Griffin, The Flower Arrangement

I have borrowed this excerpt from Ella Griffin’s novel. I  added Jay’s name in parathesis. The Secret Garden is a magical place like the one described above. A place where floral creativity abounds, friendships develop, people arrive at happy and sad times, and those in between. You always feel welcomed. I love the Five Points location at 115 Tarboro St. There is parking on the street or behind the building. I recommend parking around back where you can see a new world being created. There are other businesses in the area. Check them ALL out!


4 thoughts on “The Secret Garden ll on Tarboro Street at Five Points Celebrating A Small Downtown Business

  1. You completely destroyed the story with the preface?

    The point was, despite all the illegal and corrupt activities of Rocky Mount’s City Council, the previous Mayor and the City Manager–there are people who still care, open businesses, and want Main Street to thrive.


  2. Congratulations
    God surely gave Gavin a talent, some people would, die to have.
    Everything I ever saw was beautiful!
    He is a very humble man.
    I was able to meet him during a time, when I was organizing an Angel
    Moms dinner. He was humble enough at all.


  3. Secret Garden two is a fabulous addition to Rocky Mount. Javelin has a natural born talent to work with flowers and arrangements. He is truly amazing. Not only is he a floral artist but also a really solid caring honest person. We have been using him since he opened. That’s for covering his business Stepheny.


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