Tarrick Pittman – A Fine Man For Ward 1 and Rocky Mount – Things You Need to Know



“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”                                                                                          ~ John Quincy Adams.



Do you remember the Hallmark card advertising line, They cared enough to send their very best? I hijacked the idea years ago when I came to believe, that in my life, God has always sent his very best.  It has happened again. Tarrick Pittman and I had lunch at Chew and Chat, our first face to face meeting. I’m proud to write that he reads the blog and I have already written about him in the ‘Change Candidates’ piece. I discovered quickly that I was keeping company with an authentic, honest, self-contained man that feels deeply, believes deeply, and has discovered that his call is to live so others may live better. It was a privilege discovering these things about Tarrick.  I thought you might enjoy being included (after the fact) listening to some of the things he talked about. You will see why I think Rocky Mount has hit the Jack Pot with new leadership for Ward One and continuing his work for the entire community. This is a special man, Main Street readers. There is more to write about him and I will.

I am not running for City Council to dethrone my opponent. I’m running because I believe in my City and Ward 1. I have been contemplating running for years and one day I awakened frustrated at the current political environment in our community. I proceeded to pray and God let me know that it was time. I’d like to be an example for other young people in the community;  to fight for what they believe is right, to stand tall with no fear in their effort to bring forward change.

I’m not much of a talker, I’m a person of action. The idea that I’m running for the City Council out of anger over a court battle is not true. I have been entangled in this dispute while serving as the President of the Downtown Merchants Association. I have always been a champion for Downtown. I have continued to meet and work to bring progress to the city with the same people I have been battling in court. My personal business has never come before the citizens in my community. God has always allowed me to separate the two and focus on the greater good of our City. It hasn’t been easy but through the help and support of friends and family and my faith, I have always been able to overcome.

I believe in ONE ROCKY MOUNT. Working together in a transparent and collaborative effort in order to redevelop our neighborhoods, grow small businesses, combat crime, and to develop a comprehensive plan around job readiness skills and training for our youth. Creating creative spaces for our youth to collaborate and develop. Relationship building has always been a strong suit of mine. In my 25+ years of managing people I have learned that when you have a lot of unilateral power in a government system or any system for that matter that doesn’t lend itself to collaboration, it tends to lend itself to corruption or the appearance of it. I have always been known as someone who listens to everyone from all walks of life. This has allowed me to build a solid foundation for my business. I’ve become known as someone who listens to everyone and guides the community toward collaborative solutions. I’m very proud of that track record.

We all know that some still view the world through Jim Crow glasses, both blacks and whites in our community. It isn’t easy to navigate through this perception of things in order to build a solid community. In order for us to bring development to some of our predominantly African American communities, we must do better for ourselves. As African Americans, we must take ownership of the communities we live in and not point the fingers at others but look within ourselves.

Now is the time to usher in new leadership who will think outside of the box for creative solutions to some of the problems that plague us. I have no fear or worry what some may think when it comes to working on our problems. The goal is to find new and better solutions, not more of the same old same old. I’m talking JOBS, Collaboration, Caring for out neighborhoods and one another.  I am willing to sacrifice things in my personal and business life in order to give back to others because I accept God’s intention for my life, which is to serve others. 

Tarrick enjoying one of Stepheny’s downtown benches to sit and talk.

8 thoughts on “Tarrick Pittman – A Fine Man For Ward 1 and Rocky Mount – Things You Need to Know

  1. I have lived in the city of Rocky Mount for 4 years. The corruption here is alarming. There are city council members who are stealing taxpayer dollars in plain sight, creating departments to hide their corruption, and bringing in a questionable city manager. The other thing that’s alarming is the spike in gun violence. I had just left Walmart last year before the shooting happened in the store. Why aren’t people asking questions? The chief of police keeps retiring but the city keeps bringing him out of retirement. I don’t know Joyner personally, but it seems to me he is apart of the click who votes with the 4 so-called pasters, a click who holds the majority, who control what’s happening in this city, and where taxpayer money is being spent. All 4 members of that click need to be voted out in order for this city to progress. Whenever someone disagrees with a certain council member, they pull the race card like the big joker in a game of spades. Before you claim I am racist, I am black. It’s time for a change in Rock Mount. Come on people, we have to do better. Aren’t you tired of these people stealing your money without holding a gun on you and then after being put on blast, doing the same exact thing with the utility bill write-off? You have to pay your bills.


  2. Richard Joyner, the newest member of the Rocky Mount City Council, walked into a mess he was not part of creating. If we had had a council full of Richard Joyners, we would never have gotten into the mess.

    When two other city councilmen, Andre Knight and Ruben Blackwell, come out publicly against another black man they both have known for years, we know something doesn’t add up. Rejecting him instead of embracing him was what both did. Both are racist agitators and need to be replaced come next election by folks, black, white, green or yellow, who don’t see race in everything. Their barely disguised hatred of white people has gone over the top. They gotta go.

    I don’t know this man. But if he is like my close friend Richard Joyner, designated by CNN as a “Hometown Hero” in 2016, then bring him on!! Then we can make some progress towards healing this fractured community, my hometown!


    1. I appreciate that you took the time to comment. Your friend, Mr. Joyner, is OUR friend. I was there the night he was seated and people got up to welcome, congratulate and put their hopes in his basket. Imagine the great pressure he is under to withstand the very people who called him names to block his seating. It isn’t his ‘mess’ and we need to protect him from being tarred with the same brush. Mr. Pittman’s run for councilman in Ward One is timely and necessary. You can only give candidates that get elected so much time to make a difference in a positive way, and that time is up in Ward One.


  3. Stepheny,

    I always read Main Street Rocky Mount…keeps me up-to-date on what’s happening in our town.

    Miss hearing from you. Hope you’re doing OK.



  4. Wonderful interview with Mr. Pittman – he is such a breath of fresh air! I hope and pray that the residents of Ward 1 will open their hearts and give this gentleman a place on the city council. His positive contributions to the council, like that of Rev. Richard Joyner, are so greatly in need by Ward 1 and the entire community. Thank you, Stepheny, for helping us get to know him better!


  5. “I am humble Abraham Lincoln. I have been solicited by my friends to become a candidate for the Legislature. My politics are short and sweet, like the old woman’s dance.”
    Abraham Lincoln

    I found this old quote. It seems to me that change is in the air for RM and there will be some high-quality candidates. Finally!

    Perhaps those who hold a seat on the council should read President Lincoln’s words and decide if it applies. If it doesn’t then do the voters favor and do not run again. RM doesn’t need you.

    For those of you announcing a new run for a seat read President Lincoln’s words and decide if you will absorb what he was saying and act in the same manner. If you do and can–then get out the vote and win! RM needs you!


  6. Great article. Please post on Rocky Mount Concern Citizen site.


    Linda Gilbert

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