An August Sunday in Nash and Edgecombe County


There are many things to be thankful for this Sunday and everyday living where we do.  In today’s political correctness, which drives me mad, I delight in the fact that many of the organizations we belong to begin their meetings with The Pledge of Allegiance. The Rocky Mount Garden Club has an official Collect that starts out…Our Heavenly Father, who dost feed the birds and clothe the flowers…..We are a community of faithful people, belonging to our various churches, doing what we can, when we can. BELIEVING! I want to tell you that I am feeling grateful for all of you who are reading Main Street Rocky Mount, providing leadership, time, energy, and imagination in the revitalization of this place we call home.

Today at St. Andrews, one of the alternative readings  was from Isaiah. It is perfect for what is going on in the twin counties. In reading this I thought it was particular to us. Don’t you agree?

Your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt;                                                                                 you shall raise up the foundations of many generations;                                                    you shall be called the repairer of the breach,                                                              the restorer of streets to live in. 

4 thoughts on “An August Sunday in Nash and Edgecombe County

  1. Stepheny, I appreciate the valuable and wise words. In addition, the quote drawn from scripture are a great encouragement. I spent 35 years in full time ministry as a pastor and I’ve heard too many “higher critics” complain about taking things out of context. However, it is clear what you shared is spot on in principle. Thanks!


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