Introducing A Great ‘Sidekick’ – Polly Warner


Poly Warner Arranged A Morning with Evan Chavez

An important supporting character in many genres is the ‘sidekick,’ but never more so than in a mystery. An amateur sleuth needs a friend who can access inside information; an acerbic coworker enhances a good story. One aspect of a sidekick is the “faithful relationship” that develops between two characters, a genuine affection for each other in spite of any differences about them.  Sherlock Holmes has his Watson, Poirot, has his friend Captain Hastings and Miss Lemon to help him out. Robbie Lewis serves as the long-suffering assistant to Morse. Christopher Foyle of Foyle’s War, has Paul Milner, a policeman and  faithful driver, Sam. I’m sure you can think of many other successful  partnerships.

When launching Main Street Rocky Mount, what better sidekick could I have than Polly Warner. She grew up at 308 S. Howell in Rocky Mount, went to James Craig Braswell School, Rocky Mount Wilson Jr. High, and graduated from RMHS. She attended UNC-Greensboro and majored in history. She holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences and Communication from the University of Michigan, and has a long list of professional accomplishments. Her interest and expertise among many things is urban environmentalism and historic preservation. It was a great day for Rocky Mount in 1996 when she returned home.

This post is to thank Polly who has taken me under her wing, believing in the idea of this blog that seeks to honor the past and champion the future. I’ve never asked for anything she didn’t know all about. She’s got your phone number, your e-mail address, knows about the splendid  job you’re doing on many fronts. She is a dedicated member of many organizations, and most important, she is your friend, and now mine. I’m grateful for her mentoring, her access to the fascinating people she has introduced me to, her hard work getting the blog known around town. I think she is having fun on this new adventure. I’m trying not to get her in too much trouble. She is a perfect example of how necessary a sidekick is to a great story, the great story of Rocky Mount, NC.    


4 thoughts on “Introducing A Great ‘Sidekick’ – Polly Warner

  1. Stepheny, Thank you for introducing Polly Warner and for being her sidekick. I haven’t seen this character trait used in a long time. I love it. Ron was my sidekick and I was his sidekick. Thanks for reminding us of the significance of this type of relationship..


  2. Polly’s commitment to RM is rejuvenating at least to me. She believes in RM just as I do. I am enjoying being a kindred spirit.


  3. Polly is a wonderful sidekick indeed! I have found her keen insight invaluable as Downtown Rocky Mount develops a renewed energy.


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