A Place Not To Be Missed – Sky-Vue Skateland Happy Anniversary


Denise Watkins

“I’m going to the skating rink tonight.” People have been saying this since September 1958. For 57 years, Vernon and Pauline Holder, and now their children, David Holder and Denise Holder Watkins, have been making a difference at Skateland. After spending time with Denise, a Rocky Mount advocate, it is apparent that she is a blessing and that Sky-Vue is a valuable asset to the community.

The question,  “Do you have a skating rink?” may not be the first thing someone asks when considering a move or starting a business in Rocky Mount. This asset doesn’t appear on a brochure for perspective developers, but I can make a good case for why it is important to the stability of the community. Sky-Vue provides a place that sets a standard for children, a high bar for behavior. Those of you who grew up at the rink will attest to this fact. You now bring your children to skate because you know it is a safe place where a child can take steps towards independence. A community needs help to raise their children and this is a venue that will help you do that.

Everyone should be so lucky as to have had, or find, a person like Denise Watkins in their life. The person in my high school days that made a lasting impact was the one who said,  “Stepheny, to those much is given, much is expected.” We need significant people in our lives who care enough to turn our mistakes into teachable moments. Story after story convinces me that this is exactly what is happening in the Sky-Vue world. Teenage girls can’t show up looking like floozies, (sleeves are required.) Hand holding is smiled upon, but there is no draping oneself all over another. Bullying is not tolerated. What you find is good old fashion FUN, music, friends, food, and the certainty that young people flourish in this environment of watchful love and encouragement. As adults, those who return to skate say, “Miss Denise, I’m glad you’re still here.” We are all glad about that. Denise and her family add value to Rocky Mount.


Whether you remember way back when.….or skate there now, or will go and see for yourself after reading this post, don’t under estimate the value of this place and the owners who see after it; they continue to contribute to the present and future of Rocky Mount.


Directions: 13734 US alt West -Exit 472, turn left, 1 mile on left past the fairgrounds. CURRENT HOURS Friday & Saturday 7:00-11:00 PM Everyone invited to skate. Saturday afternoon 4:00-6:00 for children. Phone: 252-442-7418


4 thoughts on “A Place Not To Be Missed – Sky-Vue Skateland Happy Anniversary

  1. All that you write is so correct, I went to the Sky View in my younger days and just last winter took my grandchild, it is a wonderful atmosphere where you feel very comfortable taking a small child that wants to learn to skate. Great place, great people

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  2. Stepheny, I love the piece about the skyview skate rink. I like to skate, so I’ll have to check it out.
    My teenage friends and I went to the skyview outdoor picture show. We also bowled at the bowling lanes on Hwy.301. Now, you see senior citizens bowling for fun and competition.


    1. Others have told me they hadn’t forgotten how to skate after many years away from Sky-Vue. Wonder if you could get some of the same friends from yesterday to go with you and see what happens? It’s gotta be great exercise. Let me know how it goes.


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