Rocky Mount, NC: Troy Davis Talked Truth to Power at a Council Meeting And Was Punished. He Came Back!

Bill West’s April 26th Telegram Article, is a great read about Troy Davis and the city investments in his projects. It comes on the heels of the article about the attack Councilman Knight made on Troy at a prior City Council meeting. (If you missed the dustup, basically translated, Knight said, “After all I’ve done for you, ‘how dare’ you criticize me.” The fact that this didn’t buy unwavering allegiance can tick a fellow off and boy-howdy, did it ever.

The projects in the Telegram article that Mr. Davis talks about prove the city can make good decisions and have done so in supporting Mr. Davis. Read the Telegram article, but here are a couple of examples. Mr. Davis speaks about the $300,000 in city funds invested in the Davis Lofts residential and commercial development in the 100 block of Southeast Main Street downtown. He said that the location was a dilapidated building with pigeons for tenants. Today, the location has 22 luxury lofts, a restaurant and a shoe store owned by an NBA player, and that the location will include a juice bar and a grocery store. All of this is a great addition to the Main Street scene and is already contributing to Downtown Economic Development.

Another example: Mr. Davis lists $200,000 in city funds invested in Starling Way in the Ravenwood area on the southwest side of the city. Davis said that the location was crime-infested and more than 80 percent boarded up. Today, the location offers 59 units of housing.

Davis places his emphasis on the positive results that the city’s investment in preservation, restoration and repurposing have fostered. These projects contribute to the revitalization of Main Street and beyond. All of this work accomplished within a timely fashion upon the city’s commitment to invest in Troy.

I tip my hat to him because he doesn’t just talk about housing or commercial real estate but continues to seek buildings to save and repurpose. The expression ‘truth to power’ is repeated way too much and often is spoken bassackwards. It means saying what we believe to be true to someone in authority who might take it as a criticism or be offended and who can punish you in some way. You know the results when truth is spoken to Councilman Knight and he will punish you for your audacity. Troy Davis has been on the receiving end of offending Andre Knight, but has his accomplishments to stand on and the appreciation of those who clap their hands and believe in the revitalization of Rocky Mount with or without Councilman Knight’s approval. Knight has served twenty years and it is time for a change. I look forward to writing about that CHANGE.

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