Rocky Mount: Eating Left-Overs From The Prime Smoke House

Elvis Presley is dead and I’m not feeling so well myself – Gerald Grizzard

Saturday evening, Duke losses, thank goodness I have some delicious left-overs to make myself feel better. I love The Prime Smokehouse, the staff, Yalem’s river side garden. The interior of the restaurant is tastefully done, great natural light, energy, jazz playing in the background. I was there with family and friends the other night. I ordered salmon, scolloped potatoes, and collards. The first time around DELICIOUS, the second time around, Consoling. When you add dear friends, a daughter and son (in law) to this great setting, you have a lovely time. AND, there is the best sweet tea.

Rocky Mount is becoming a food destination. You have to think a minute about where you would like to eat. I have met two different friends for their first time eating at the Main Street Gastro Pub. They both loved their food and the whole scene. Good food is a thread in Rocky Mount’s revitalization tapestry. I have many friends who are willing to drive a distance to a good restaurant. If not available yet, Downtown Development needs to provide a walking map from the Event Center to entertainment spots to eat, have coffee, a glass of wine and other downtown offerings. A two-sided map can feature driving suggestions to the many other possibilities to try while in town. The Mill is a Preservation, Restoration, Repurposing gem. We can walk and chew gum at the same time, by marketing our restaurants and the Preservation efforts to save commercial architecture.

Sunday afternoon: Kentucky, where I learned to love college basketball, is playing and has brought me back to the tournament, sad as I am. I’m counting on UK and a large sweet tea from Dunk’in Donuts to make me smile again.

Rocky Mount Mills – The Prime Smokehouse – Wonderful Everything

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