Defcon 3: The Cuban Missile Crisis and Councilman Andre Knight

A reposting of a June 2022 blog post about Andre Knight: Defcon 3

In case you missed this post, I want you to add this to your inquiry into Mr. Knight’s run for City Council November 2023. This election is about whether Mr. Knight, while sitting at the ‘Long Green Table,’ should be elected again. This is a reference to the last Main Street blog post about Mr. Knights upcoming election.

Here is an excerpt from that piece.

THE CONNECTION – Animosity towards Councilman, Andre Knight, who continues to be disruptive, ungentlemanly, snarly, and wants a raise, have reached DEFCOM 3 judging by the uproar of disapproval after his disrespect for retiring Councilman Bullock. The additional problem is, Mr. Knight doesn’t care what we think of him, there is no shaming him into proper behavior. You get a ‘bless you’ that stands for, well, you know, the F word. (As I write this, America is seen now as weak and ingenuous. America’s reputation is suffering and because of Mr. Knight, so is the reputation of the City of Rocky Mount.

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