The Possibilities of Color in Rocky Mount, NC

A favorite word of mine is Possibilities. It is a positive word that applies to what is ahead, perhaps another trip to Italy, or the completed garden of my dreams. There is a possibility that not a house in the historic districts of Rocky Mount will remain boarded up and neglected. I believe there is the possibility of our heart’s desires coming true. I truly believe our many bungalows a wash with appropriate colors can happen.

I found a 2016 article that Amy Krane, Color Consultant, wrote on Exterior House Colors. Our eye is drawn to house color that shows off its architecture. Color brings energy and life to the neighborhood around a handsome, tastefully painted home.

Krane wrote,

Painting your home is a major investment and it’s meant to last a decade. The things to consider when choosing exterior house colors include: the style of house, the color palette of the homes immediately surrounding it, the region of the country, home owner association rules, if applicable, the direction the house is facing and the colors of fixed elements like the roof, masonry and hardscape around the home. Those factors considered, there will still be a wide choice of different colors and design approaches to choose from to create great curb appeal.

The article doesn’t mention where this house is, but what a jewel. I can imagine myself sitting on the porch rocker with a glass of sweet tea. I hear a neighbor down the street giving his lawn its last fall haircut. The birds are performing an afternoon concert from the trees that stand guard over the house. I am not alone. Though the house is filled with my books and art work and a song drifts out the front door on Alexa playing Diana Krall, nothing is lost. A past owner’s photographs have been replaced with pictures of my grandchildren and great grandchildren. A cannon-ball cherry wood double bed now fills one of the guest bedrooms. Oil paintings of my parents hang on the walls behind a wing back chair meant for reading. In the dust motes that are captured in the sun, the stories of all those who have filled the house, remain. Preservation and Restoration have saved this gem. May it always be loved and honored. This same results can be accomplished in Rocky Mount neighborhoods where old homes await another family to shelter bringing new life to its old soul. This Main Street blog wants the Restoration of these gems to be a Rocky Mount state of mind.

Color coming to Howell Street thanks to Adrienne Copland

3 thoughts on “The Possibilities of Color in Rocky Mount, NC

  1. Beautiful Stepheny. Countless times John, Don and I sat on the front porch at one of our [past] historic homes listening to jazz and having a smart cocktail—or on the screen porch in Rocky Mount rocking in the wooden rockers. How I love Diana Krall singing a classic. Thanks for sharing your vision. Porches are invitations to gather, and they draw neighbors closer together. I spent many days on my grandmother’s porch watching and learning about the key role that porches play in building community bonds.


  2. Stepheny:

    You are the best cheerleader in town. Your articles are so good, and full of possibilities, snd hope for our town.

    I surely am glad you came to town!

    Tom Betts


  3. It was funny that you mentioned Diana Krall in your latest post. I can’t remember if I had ever her her sing, but just last night as I was read a few pages and listening to my favorite radio station before I turned my light off and I heard this beautiful voice singing. I thought it was Julie London, so I Shazamed her and it was Diana Krall. What a coincidence that you would mention het today.


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