He’s Back: Councilman Knight Rocky Mount, NC

The good news is that Ward 1 Councilman, Andre Knight is better. You can hear it in his voice and see that his strength continues to improve. The bad news is in his recovery from a fall, he seems more determined than ever to foster racial division. Ms. Copland, a frequent speaker during the public comments came Monday afternoon to use her 3 minutes to talk about research she’d done on the price of commercial square footage in Rocky Mount. She mentioned the thirty years, OIC has been paying 13 cents a sq. foot for their properties. This was the catalyst for Mr. Knight’s knee jerk response that is like a commercial that runs over and over during the final four basketball tournament.

You know Adrienne as the energetic, young, woman in her work clothes that speaks at the City Council meetings. She can be emotional and frustrated at times, but her head for numbers, and her research abilities support her perspective. She knows a thing or two that include housing, ordinances, grants. She is a hands-on champion for the neighborhoods that are deteriorating. Adrienne is a licensed general contractor, and has earned a Historic Preservation Research Certificate from Edgecombe Community College. She is President of the Board of Rocky Mount Preservation. Square footage may not be your thing, but you will find the video clip interesting. You nor I would make the time to find this information.

Councilman Knight’s reaction, even about the price per square foot of commercial property, comes from his core view that the world is racist. It causes him to foster division rather than healing between the black and white community in Rocky Mount. The hope for healing lay in the hands of the ‘Repairers of the Breach’ that never forget the past, but feel that today is what matters in creating revitalization. In Mr. Knight’s view, as you will see in the video, the mistakes of the past are the rationale for his attitude and decisions. United is a big concept we can handle and something we all want. That’s a world view that is needed more than ever. Rocky Mount can be an example of how to achieve unity. It takes determination and not letting obstacles get in the way of all the possibilities Rocky Mount is about. If Councilman Knight could throttle back on his racist language, it would sure help. Don’t you agree?

Click twice on video below.

6 thoughts on “He’s Back: Councilman Knight Rocky Mount, NC

  1. After reading the articles on this Blog it is apparent that the writer is completely white “centric” in her views and intention. She attempts to stoke the fires of dissent and contention between the races. This Blog is trash and has no real value. I hope that she has the journalistic integrity to post this but I doubt it!


  2. I think another narrative might be informative. I can only imagine how hard and controversial it was for people of color to own and sell slaves. Imagine the hard work it took to be a free black man in those days. Imagine the prestige of being the largest plantation with the most slaves in sc during that time. Slavery is an awful thing. Education, however, can bring unity. Look up Anthony Johnson , read about the number of black men who owned slaves. Then , Check out the contributions made in this country by those who can trace their lineage to slaves. We should all celebrate these accomplishments. I do not think Alexander Dumas hid his talents and I am grateful he did not! All for one and one for all!


    1. Thanks for reading Main Street and taking the time to comment. In writing this piece I was having trouble connecting Mr.Knights side bar about black history as a reasonable reply to the subject of the cost of commercial buildings based on sq. footage. I think it was in defense of OIC only paying 13 cents a sq.ft. on their properties and the past history justified this arrangement. I object to this stock answer fitting all circumstances. Hope you will keep reading Main Street for other subjects. Thanks.


  3. Ms. Copeland is a outstanding supporter of the citizens of Rocky Mount. She calls out the unethical operations of certain members of the city council. With her it’s not about race, it’s about fairness. Mr. Knight tries to play the race card and the generational wealth issue way to much. I’ve always been taught, if you want something bad enough you work for it. Rocky Mount will never move forward as long as Andre Knight serve’s on the city council.


    1. I have the pleasure of supporting Adrienne who lends her voice to the day to day goings on with the city council. Their impact on the housing, neighborhood safety, etc support a new reality that won’t go away. The community is no longer willing to stand by while shenanigans go on. The facts irritate the fire out of those she calls out. We can all learn a thing or two from her in courage to speak up. Thank you for supporting her, I’m sure she appreciates it.


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