Finding Yalem’s Garden in Rocky Mount, NC

At 5:30 in the early evening, most of the ‘garden’ is in shade; Yalem Kiros’s garden. A blue heron lifted off the island and elegantly floated past me. Swallows dipped and played. In the quiet I could hear the flow of the water. For the moment I’d been given the gift of this bit of paradise all to myself. With no distraction, I felt the temperature in the shade drop a few degrees. This scene is available at The Prime Smokehouse at the Mill. It comes with the usual delicious food and sweet tea. I brought my Kindle reading a novel about the restoration of the Greenbriar in West Virginia. Above all, I was enjoying the peace of this place. The only thing missing was a citronella candle and they are on order. If you had been there we would have taken our drinks to sit under the pergola in this lovely ‘garden.’ I told Ed Riley, and it’s true, his dream has enriched our lives. Everything Yalem touches is better for it. A welcoming staff, including Sarah who took good care of me, and you have a real jewel in Rocky Mount’s crown. Thank you from all of us.

Here is a link to a prior blog post on the beauty of preservation at Rocky Mount Mills

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