A Favorite Question: Can You Have Lunch?


When I was at Dewey Elementary in Evanston, IL., (grades K-6) we came home for lunch. The only memory I have of those lunches is my mother reading to me at the kitchen table. From that early age, lunch time was special. Today, I love to meet someone for lunch in one of the growing number of restaurants in Rocky Mount. Sometimes it is to meet someone for the first time. I am also blessed to have meaningful friendships that grow over lunch. If you look around the restaurant you usually see that real conversations are taking place. Men talking business, a Grammy out with a great-grandchild making memories, ladies laughing, and unfortunately, people on their phones missing the enjoyment of the moment.


Everyone knows Denise Watkins from Sky-vue skating. I’ve never been with her without people stopping by the table to greet her. I’m not sure how the world could go on if Denise and I didn’t meet regularly for lunch. I know Rocky Mount would suffer without our brilliant ideas that cover politics, city council shenanigans, and wonderful stories about people in the area that Denise grew up with.

Our last lunch was in Nashville at The Exchange. This is a repurposed commercial building on Washington St. across from the Court House. I have written about the restoration of the space. I love the atmosphere that includes the original floors and tile ceilings. I hope you are treating yourself by having lunch in repurposed commercial buildings in and around Main Street, Rocky Mount; all apart of the revitalization that is changing life downtown.


Lunch often has a lovely surprise when you find friends you didn’t expect to see. Steve Cederberg and Mary Margret, Warren and Caren Daughtridge are best friends and try to have a weekly lunch, this time at The Exchange. We have all become friends through our active social media platforms. And, yes, Steve and I have had lunch.

Support the local food scene. Enjoy, have fun. Go to Rocky Mount Mills, Larema, Blanches Bistro, Nabs, and other great choices. Your patronage supports the wonderful business owners and their restaurants that are good to the last bite. I hope I’ll be surprised by seeing you along the way.


One thought on “A Favorite Question: Can You Have Lunch?

  1. I love our weekly luncheon dates. It gives us a chance to catch up on the latest happenings as well as discuss the ever-changing world of social media. I’ve started using a new slogan: Break the chain and support local. Our country was built on small businesses or Mom and Pop places. Let’s help them thrive and stay alive by supporting them first.


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