A Burr Under Councilman Knight’s Saddle in Rocky Mount, NC

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Definition: someone or something that is a constant cause of trouble or annoyance

Stepheny, causing trouble? Never! Councilman Knight thinks I should stay in Nashville and stay out of Rocky Mount’s business. I should write my blog about Nashville where I live. It doesn’t buy me any grace that I spend money in Rocky Mount; not enough to change the economy, but it adds to the pot.

Staying out of Rocky Mount isn’t possible. I can’t leave Hair Trends, and Walter, who cuts my hair. I like shopping at Harris Teeter that has a descent Gluten Free selection. There is no Episcopal Church with my son-in-law who is the Priest at St. Andrews. Abandon Dr.Browder at Boise Willis, or my dentist, Dr. Hunt. Impossible!

Rocky Mount is the center of my interesting life and I love to write about the great food and restaurants that are burgeoning. I have been Rocky Mount Garden Club co-president for two years and spent time with the Tar River Orchestra ladies’ group. Serving on the Twin County Hall of Fame and Preservation Rocky Mount Boards have enriched my life. I love eating hot dogs and fries with a great- granddaughter at Central Cafe. I hope my little ones remember the Grammy-moments spent on the merry-go-round and the Children’s Museum at the Imperial Center.

If I stay in Nashville, who will take up my cheerleading? Who will wander the streets in my place and meet people who become friends. Strangers tell me stories and invite me in. These are the things I write about on the blog. I love being introduced as Rocky Mount’s biggest cheerleader. Here is the rub: I do write about City Council and the doggy business that goes on. I dare to question or criticize those on the council all the way from Nashville.

I guess I am annoying to Councilmen Knight and Blackwell who have held their council seats for 20+ years. I do stamp my feet in the middle of Main Street from time to time. Bullying people into silence who disagree, by calling them a racist, has lost its power. When white people on the Nash side of the tracks are blamed for the deteriorating, boarded-up houses in Wards 1 & 2, my response is, “Give it a rest.” In this case the housing neglect has happened on Knight and Blackwell’s watch, they let the deterioration happen. I should be thankful that both men are now speaking with deep concern about housing in Rocky Mount after all the years they’ve had to work on the problem. 

Those who have planted their flag on Main Street and the surrounding area, are the ones who have taken things into their hands concerning the future of Rocky Mount. Despite the ‘My Will be Done’ agenda, Main Street has reawakened and is building a future.

I am the burr under Mr. Knight’s saddle! It’s obvious I have captured his attention and he is not happy. We maneuver around this and continue to clap our hands for the revitalization of Main Street and beyond.

FYI: Latest update: There are 1,401 followers of the blog, Mainstreetrockymount.com, the Main Street Facebook page has 1,084 followers and between March 23-April 19 the FB page reached 3,450. The 5-minute podcast, Talking Main Street with Stepheny is slowly building an audience in Season 2, 2022 with 12 episodes.

7 thoughts on “A Burr Under Councilman Knight’s Saddle in Rocky Mount, NC

  1. Simply put, too audacious Mr. Blackwell and Mr. Knight. Wake up! The impact of Stephney’s blogging and podcasts on Rocky Mount is far more reaching than your minds may grasp. I do not know who you think you are but neither of you have a right to silence any person who has something to say about your leadership (or lack thereof). It comes with the territory of being an ELECTED official.

    Something to consider Rocky Mount voters the world is full of snake oil elected officials; it is up to you to decide who really represents you and will fulfill their promises. Vote for those who genuinely care for you and yours and the future of your city. Also, GO VOTE!


  2. Thank you for your observations about Rocky Mount. Bringing “issues” should be welcomed by those who can
    discuss and offer sustainable solutions.


    1. Stepheny. I too get my Hair Cut by Walter at hair trends. We always have great discussions about health and observations about Rocky Mount.


  3. You keep being you! You call it like you see it! No smokes, mirrors or card calling regarding race when it comes to you. You treat others as you would be expected to be treated. Others SHOULD learn by example vs pointing fingers! You are a positive shining light, keep shining!


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