Rocky Mount NC Housing – Saving the 200 S. Block of Howell Street – One House at a Time

The Last Touches of Fresh Paint
The Yellow Cream Color Railings Were Removed -New Porch Flooring Installed and Railings Repaired and Attached
This Fabulous Bungalow Given a New Life

Thanks to Adrienne Copland, who provided this information about the house. The house was built in 1914 by A. C. Nichols, Sr. A few years later, about 1922, he built a smaller house next door and moved there. His son, John Irvin Nichols moved into the big house. John I Nichols worked for the police department and would end up being Chief of the Rocky Mount Police Department. There originally was a carriage stable along the back alley, which was later converted into an automobile garage. Both are long gone, but the foundations can still be seen. The house stayed in the Nichols family until 1996.

The Back Door into Newly Fenced Back Yard
A Vintage Refrigerator Restored and ‘Way Cool’ in Soft Mint Green
With Research This Great Refurbished Stove was Possible
A Salvage Door Into the Kitchen Yet to be Painted

When I first walked into this house I was amazed with the space. The long entry hall takes you through a mahogany curved arch. The romance of the house brought a tear knowing it is being saved by the young hands-on woman that has three houses on the same block on Howell Street. The day I took these photos I was in the company of Adrienne Copland, Preservation Board Rocky Mount Chairman and Board Member, Sarah Tripolli-Johnson by way of Villa Place and restoring a beauty in West Haven.

Adrienne and Sarah – Kindred Preservationists

Another Restoration in the 200 S. Block of Howell Street a Blue Ribbon Winner Saved by Justin Floyd

A Template For Saving the Bungalows of Rocky Mount
These Two Beautiful Homes are the Poster Children for Preservation and Restoration – Rocky Mount’s Housing

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mount NC Housing – Saving the 200 S. Block of Howell Street – One House at a Time

  1. I lived in that area in 1981/82 and have always loved the character in these homes. Thank you for making them beautiful again.


  2. Gorgeous! A grateful thanks to Adrienne, Sarah, Justin, and others like them who are putting their skilled efforts and TLC into restoring these treasures. And thanks to you as well for showcasing these folks and giving us glimpses of their beautiful restorations.

    Wish the Telegram would do regular features on these artists and the houses’ histories.


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