Local Icon Needs Our Help in Rocky Mount, NC

I have never been with Denise Watkins, the Fun Director at Sky-Vue skating, without past and present skaters greeting her with warm affection. September 1958, Vernon and Pauline Holder opened the business. Second-generation owner/operators are Denise Watkins and David Holder. Here is a place that sets a standard for children, a high bar for behavior. Those of you who grew up at the rink will attest to this fact. You now bring your children to skate because you know it is a safe place where a child can take steps towards independence. A community needs help to raise their children and this is a venue that is doing that.

Everyone should be so lucky as to have had, or find, a person like Denise and David in their life. In my high school days, the person that made a lasting impact was the one who said,  “Stepheny, to those much is given, much is expected.” We need significant people in our lives who care enough to turn our mistakes into teachable moments. Story after story convinces me that this is exactly what happens in the Sky-Vue world. What you find is good old fashion FUN, music, friends, food, and the certainty that young people flourish in this environment of watchful love and encouragement.

It should come as no surprise that this large skating floor must be replaced after 54 years. What is horrendous is the cost, $150,000. Click on the link below to see why this restoration is important. The rink will be closed for safety while the new floor goes in. Thank you for helping insure the fun goes on for the skaters in the area and beyond.

Click on: http://www.givesendgo.com/skyvueskateland

Directions: 13734 US alt West -Exit 472, turn left, 1 mile on left past the fairgrounds. Phone: 252-442-7418

Opened September 1958
Serving 3rd and 4th generations

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