The Stunning Bravery of Ukraine Reaches Rocky Mount, NC.

By Ronald Roy

Charles Krauthammer wrote that there has always been a leader in the United States to step up and right the ship. I wonder what he would say when an entire country, Ukraine, has stepped up to show the United States that we can save ourselves from ourselves. We watch the news and learn of the stunning bravery of the Ukraine citizens to save their country from Russia. We have been at war over the future of the USA. The war in Ukraine makes us ask, how in the hell have we have allowed the progressive agenda to get this far? We are at war on the southern border that is deliberately sabotaged by our own leadership. When we listen to Zelenskyy, it underscores the difference in how they face war and what is at stake for us.

Ukraine’s resolve highlights the devasting results of America allowing the traitors in our own government to continue attacking our way of life, our freedoms, the way our children are educated. I believe Ukraine’s bravery is like a slap upside the head that causes us to say, “Our invasion has come from within led by the likes of ‘The Squad,’ Pelosi, Schumer, our President and Vice President. We can name those who continue to try and take our American way of life from us.

Tonight, at the City Council Meeting, I wiped at my eyes. Sam Battle often speaks. His volatile style doesn’t always set well with some on the Council who he berates. Never doubt that his heart does ache in his battle to save Rocky Mount from itself. He was visibly hurt after talking about another shooting. I wish I could have taken his burden from him as he walked away from the microphone. He’s a big guy, a big presence capable of anger, speaking his mind, and emotion that can overcome him from a big heart. I add this because he said, we are at war in Rocky Mount. I agree. For years Rocky Mount has been held hostage by a few of our own soldiers that are intended to protect us by their decision making, and leadership.

Ukraine shows us that with will and resolve we have the ultimate weapon, THE VOTE. On May 17, vote for change in Mr. Joyner’s ward #3, by voting for Crystal Wimes-Anderson. Vote for the mystery candidate in Mr. Blackwells’#2. Vote for Tom Harris in Mr. Bullock’s seat in #6, and Pete Armstrong in Chris Miller’s #7.

Let us continue to pray for protection for Ukraine, America, and for Rocky Mount.

3 thoughts on “The Stunning Bravery of Ukraine Reaches Rocky Mount, NC.

  1. “We have been at war over the future of the USA. The war in Ukraine makes us ask, how in the hell have we have allowed the progressive agenda to get this far?” If not for the progressive agenda of Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower, either Germany or Russia would rule the world. Don’t blame progressives when conservatives have been taken over by the extreme right.


  2. The city council of Rocky Mount could learn a lot from Sam Battle. The parents of Mr. Knight and Mr. Blackwood should not have spared the rod and spoiled the child!


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