The Restoration of Rocky Mount Housing – Positive Consequences

“There is something about a restoration which attracts people. In towns far and wide it is trendy to return to renovated homes near the center of town. Formerly dismal neighborhoods come to life with exteriors painted in vibrant colors. Residents walk their dogs, jog, and push their baby carriages. Tourists come from far & wide to gaze on the newness. They park their cars to walk and inspect. While there, they must eat and find recreation. Local economies are stimulated, sales tax revenues increase. The reputation of the community improves. There is value in keeping a significant building. Much value.” – Knox ‘Buddy’ Porter

No one has said it better than Knox Porter. This quote is our fondest hope for all the reasons he states. Emerging in the historic downtown and surrounding areas is the greening of Rocky Mount’s heart. Wonderful people have been putting their shoulder to the wheel in and around Main Street. The words restoration, new businesses, and commercial architecture are part of learning to speak Main Street. Some favorite words are Preservation, Restoration, and Gentrification without the baggage people lay on the idea. By now you can repeat my response ….crying gentrification is an excuse for in action.

On a ‘drive around,’ I discovered Hargrove Street. The last house on the left had a 1100 address. The boarded up houses for several blocks are a perfect example of what I write about when it comes to the restoration of property that turns a house into a home again. We need to push the idea that it takes neighbors to help one another take care of things. (picking up trash) This neighborhood is a forgotten treasure.

3 thoughts on “The Restoration of Rocky Mount Housing – Positive Consequences

  1. Laurel, Mississippi is famous for doing just this! Surely there is a bright couple in our area that can use Erin & Ben Napier’s business model for restoration. …whether they get to do it on TV or not, the mission and passion for saving your community are the same!


    1. Wouldn’t that be great. I am doing the research now for how Rocky Mount can apply for their new gig. HGTV show where they select a town, pick five locations and film the results. It is a grand concept. Why not come to Rocky Mount? I LOVE your idea of a couple right here rising up and taking Preservation, Restoration and Repurposing on.


  2. Stephany, if every council person took one street in there respective wards and revitalized the homes Ricky Mount would rise from the ashes and bloom again!! Bravo šŸ‘


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