Publication of New Novel By Stepheny Houghtlin

I am excited to announce the publication of my 3rd novel, Repairers of the Breach. On Amazon you will find an E-book version and paperback. Part of the book is dedicated to the Repairers of the breach in Rocky Mount, NC and to the Prisms of Light who are involved in the revitalization of Main Street and beyond.

The title is from Isaiah, which I find fitting for all Main Street Programs. It is a perfect description of the preservation, restoration and repurposing going on Rocky Mount NC.

Sarah Collins, the main character, will take you into the world of historic preservation, you will ride out Katrina, and accompany her to the village of Burford in the Cotswold’s where the mystery of her father’s life is based. You will be a witness to love that brings laughter. In the second half of the novel, the artist, the shopkeeper, the owners of the Bay Tree Inn, the new doctor, the retired Scotland Yard Inspector, and the children making Fairy houses, will draw you into this English village setting.

If you can listen to the 5-minute podcast, Talking Main Street with Stepheny, I comment on writing this book. You will recognize some of the same struggles Rocky Mount undergoes and the Repairers in the story who tackle change. I loved writing the novel and hope it draws you into the lives of those you will be spending time with. I miss them already.

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