The Price We’re Paying When Our Government Has To Be Right

When my middle son and new bride came to a small family gathering, Rob and his first cousin were having a political discussion, coming from two different points of view. Regardless of my ‘new’ daughter’s young years, she was already infinitely wise. Off stage she said to Rob, “You have to decided how important it is for you to be right.” This was her response to how he had pressed his opinions. Three grown daughters later, they are grandparents for the first time. They have grown up together and are an amazing team.

The price for having to be right is playing out before our eyes in the Afghanistan news. In spite of Joe Biden’s dimensioning capacities, he prevailed over a field of candidates that were dubious at best. Adding insult to injury, a candidate that had to drop out of the primaries because of her poor performance, became the Vice President running mate. Kamalla became the 1st woman of color elected to the office, checking off boxes, yet unsuited for the job.

At the time, I gave Biden six months before having to step down for health reasons. Remember the Democrats hadn’t governed in four years putting all their energy and focus into impeaching Trump. Seven months later we have a border crisis that was in check. Covid became politicized for Americans but not for those entering the country illegally. Inflation is not some vague notion but the price of gas when I last filled up was $2.99. Our oil independence has been sabotaged.

It was so important to be right, that Trump’s policies that were working were immediately dismantled. Listening to the news, I heard a Colonel McGregory say, “Where there is no accountability there is no performance.”

You would be wrong if you think this is another Republican rant. As wrong as thinking that criticism or questions are racist if directed at certain members of the City Council, or the City Manager and her hires. Black, white, or poke-a-dot, it does not matter. It is the mistakes and doggy business decisions that matter. The American withdrawal has underscored the necessity of accountability, and the cost of having to be right. America is paying the price on the world stage for terrible decisions. In Rocky Mount, NC, where the ‘My Will Be Done’ agenda emanates from the City Council, there has been no accountability and therefore continued skullduggery.

It is time for a change here in Rocky Mount. On March 8th four city council seats will be voted upon. Tom Harris is running for the vacancy in Ward #6 and Pete Armstrong for the vacancy in Ward #7. When you vote against something (Trump) rather than for something you get a Biden/Harris. Surely we can do better than that in this upcoming City Council Election.

Pete Armstrong- Ward #7
Tom Harris -Ward #6

3 thoughts on “The Price We’re Paying When Our Government Has To Be Right

  1. Spot on Stepheny!
    This current administration is a failure in all ways. The boarders are a mess, racism is worse, and we look like fools to the rest of the world. Perhaps we are fools; the American voters stood by and allowed an election to be stolen and allowed the plot to be cloaked in riots and race. Biden and his VP are no more suitable for office than Bugs Bunny. As for the city and its government well, they are no more suitable than Betty Boop.


  2. And…we tried something different. It didn’t work. There was no accountability, this no performance. Let’s keep trying until we get it right. We gave the previous administration 4 years, do let’s fo the same for this one before passing judgement.

    I heard a Colonel McGregory say, “Where there is no accountability there is no performance.”


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