Stepheny Announces Her New Role: Campaign Manager, Blogger, Podcaster For City Council Election March 8, 2022

I am temporarily amused with the image of the woman running around with her hair on fire. No one else need apply for the position, I have taken it on for now. It all started when I was spending significant time with James Baker, who I have always admired, while collecting my thoughts about the upcoming City Council Elections. One of the Baker books I read is called The Art of Politics According to James Baker. It was time well spent and my admiration for the life and times of James Baker runs deeper. I knew the most about his time as Secretary of State under President George Bush. It was endlessly fascinating to read about the Reagan and Bush years, two men James Baker loved and served.

Beyond time with Baker for pure enjoyment, it was a jump start I needed after identifying Ward #2 and the replacement of Councilman Rueben Blackwell as the most important race in the 2022 election. I have been to the Board of Elections. I have print-outs that tell me there are 2,196 registered voters in #2. That 1,458 votes were cast on 11/3/20 election. I even paid $4.00 to have a map of the Ward. (The lady with her hair on fire is underway.)

James Baker ran election campaigns for three presidents. It was he who posed the question, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” How about we ask Ward #2 about being better off than 21 years ago? I loved President Reagan’s words to the Joint Session of the Congress. “The people are watching and waiting,” he said. “They don’t demand miracles, but they do expect us to act.”

Here is Pete Armstrong on August 2, 2021 Announcing his candancy Ward #7

James Baker talks about “Prior preparation to prevent poor performance.” How I would love a woman in Ward #2 to bring forth the CHANGE that is needed there. More important, that the registered voters in #2 would say, IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE.

PLEASE take less than 5-minutes and listen to the newest podcast about the change that is needed in the upcoming City Council election. Episode 15:

One thought on “Stepheny Announces Her New Role: Campaign Manager, Blogger, Podcaster For City Council Election March 8, 2022

  1. Damm, there’s a fire storm engulfing Rocky Mount and it’s got a name “STEPHENY” and the heart of this storm is Ward 2 where Ruben Blackwell has used his influence for evil and to line his pockets and empty the pockets of his voters. I urge every voter in ward 2 to get out and vote because Mr. Blackwell’s slogan should be BLDM (black lives don’t matter)!!


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