The Murals of Rocky Mount

In Ken Burns fashion, let’s zoom out before focusing in on Rocky Mount’s two new, beautifully executed, murals. While enjoying and celebrating these artistic additions to the Main Street area, a bit more information helps to expand our appreciation of these exciting additions. We have a new term to add to our Main Street vocabulary: Place-Making.  We usually talk about a sense of place.

Murals are created in the city for the city. They are closely tied to the physical and social environment. The resurgance of Place-Making Murals in the revitilization of cities and towns have become significant in urban renewal, redevelopment and regeneration of  city and town. Among other things, murals show support for the artistic community, social reintegration, and education. Rocky Mount’s two new murals, one finished, the other still in progress, will prove significant in Rocky Mount’s revitilazation. You must go and see for yourself how striking they are and the visual impact of Place-Making. When you see the Rocky Mount Murals further on,  you will clap your hands with me and continue to say, I believe.

Let’s zoom out to Quebec City. Click a Prior Post on the Murals of Quebec  “ln the last 15 years, a number of fresco paintings have popped up across Quebec City, becoming a real tourist attraction and a major component of the city’s urban heritage. The murals, which depict the history of the city and its inhabitants, were commissioned between 1999 and 2008 to celebrate 400 years of the city’s existence. Although the pieces are fairly recent, they have nonetheless become part of the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.”


Here is Morgan McArthur, (Milwaukee) standing in front of the mural, “Fabric of the community.” McArthur is a member of Baraboo Public Art and one of the organizers of Baraboo’s three large murals. KEN THOMAS, DAILY CITIZEN.  An exciting idea for The Hall of Fame board. In place of these people would appear past Hall of Fame Inductees. There aren’t enough walls, but a single mural tells a proud story.   

3 thoughts on “The Murals of Rocky Mount

  1. The importance of murals that reflect the fabric of a community and create a dialog causing people to pause and look as they walk along the street–must never be underestimated. The world is filled with wonderfully artistic, historically accurate and thought-provoking murals that invite us to experience a world that was, that is or could be. Mural art is an expression that encompasses many styles, subjects, and knows no boundary of time. Murals act as a muse for the young who hope to do something while acting as a reminder to the older crowd how they helped inch along progress toward a better tomorrow for those who follow. Treasure murals–all they ask of us is to either remember what was or embrace what is. Rodd


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