Majority Vote and City Manager Strike Again

Once again, we are presented with a fait accompli. I often imagine Mr. Knight, Mr. Blackwell, and the City Manager, staying up all night to come up with things like a revised development agency. You see, we need this. Never mind the plan in the drawer, bought and paid for, forget the kicked to the curb Main Street Program that requires accountability and record-keeping. Who needs the input from the hard-working and dedicated Downtown Merchants Association or the Central City Revitalization?   It’s too  sensible to bring the downtown investors and business owners into the mix.

For years, the “My Will Be Done Agenda” has gotten away with bending the regulatory role of government to line their pockets and to take care of their cronies. In their wisdom, they let roofs fall to the floor, ignored the broken glass windows, and the peeling paint on the boarded-up facades. This new agency has been birthed in greed to maintain control over Main Street. These same people with a new scheme left the historic downtown’s significant commercial architecture to disintegrate. Now they require a new agency and hire to do their bidding. 

The only plans they ever have are the ones that cost the taxpayers, involve grants they finagle, or a project they believe will benefit them personally.  We had plans that didn’t suit the “My Will Be Done” agenda. The typical treatment Chris Miller received in voicing her objections before the 4-3 vote comes from those who have conflict of interest and have lost their right to make decsions on behalf of the community.

Believe me, this new agency doesn’t care about the collective buildings on Main Street, that bear witness to the past and are the future. “It connects us in time and space to those who went before us even as it represents our legacy to those who come after.” Blair Kamin – Chicago Tribune Architecture Critic

The ‘My Will Be Done’ plan hasn’t a clue or passion for a holistic approach to preservation, restoration, and repurposing historic downtown. I don’t underestimate the ideas of the marketplace that are positive and have gained a foothold that we must support.  We cannot contemplate the thought that once again we will be bemoaning the results after the fact.  I ask that at least, Preservation Rocky Mount, Historic Preservation Commission, Merchants Association, and Central City Revitalization discuss the responsibility we have to do what is best for Main Street despite these new efforts to control how the emerging scene continues.  

8 thoughts on “Majority Vote and City Manager Strike Again

  1. Please don’t lose hope Stepheny! Not everything relies on our city government. Community leaders like you can and do raise awareness of what is at stake in historical preservation. Please keep featuring the history and character of the city in your blog.


  2. In case it was not previously clear this was and continues to be a path your City Manager follows in her career. Google her past and judge for yourselves. Savannah, Georgia knew her well and sent her packing—and what happened to her sidekick that came to town to join her in Rocky Mount only to leave under a scandal. Ask yourselves this why did CERTAIN members on the City Council INSIST on hiring her? Was she REALLY the BEST qualified person? Or was she the pawn in their plan to further their nefarious activities and mismanagement of Rocky Mount?


  3. Stepheny,

    Please consider sending your blog to The Telegram and ask for it to be published in the Opinion page.

    Need to maximize coverage. Diane Henderson, close friend over many years, made me aware of you a year or two back. I know the two of you made a day trip together to Elizabeth City to admire architectural treasures.

    Thank you for all you are doing and for all you are attempting to get done. More people need to know what you write in your blog when it involves downtown, Event Center, the four “reverends” on city council.

    Marshall Henry


  4. Thank you, Ms Houghtlin, for all the observations and things you bring us that. most of us are not aware of. Keep it going. I read all of your posts. Wish Mr Knight and Mr Blackwell would listen also. We need you!


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