Let’s Ride Over To Tarboro And View How Commitment And Hard Work Wins Accreditation

Simmons Furniture Store, ca. 1910: Downtown Tarboro, N

“In those days in my small town, parents didn’t seem to worry so much about what their kids were doing as long as they made it home in time for dinner.”
― K. Martin Beckner, Chips of Red Pa

Forty years ago, Tarboro was one of the original five towns that became members of The Main Street Program.  This is not the first time their program has received accreditation status. They have lost it from time to time too.  Two and a half years ago they made a renewed commitment and reorganized to achieve the goal of the 4-point approach necessary for accreditation. Tarboro invested in a new Program Director, Tina Parker. One of the 4-points is engaging a critical volunteer base and her job includes growing these numbers. Important to Tarboro’s success is the Tarboro Development Corporation. This is a Public/Private endeavor. The TDC works alongside the Tarboro Main Street Program. Director, Tina Parker says, “Accreditation is an obtainable goal, with hard work, and a strategic plan that the Main Street Program worked with us on, we worked towards accreditation. It can be done. The rewards make it worthwhile.”

Tarboro is one of the loveliest small towns in North Carolina. With vision, they embraced their wealth of architectural assets, both commercial and residential, to save the essence of their legacy, their story, thinking of their future. The following photographs exemplify the wisdom of their leadership to preserve, restore, and repurpose this beautiful community for one and all. Congratulations on the Main Street Accreditation. Regaining our accreditation helps not only Rocky Mount but the eastern region.

Downtown Tarboro NC
Tarboro Town Common, 1760:
Tarboro Town Common, 1760: Tarboro, NC
Tarboro Post Office


.On the Square Tarboro,




2235 Sherwood Ave, Tarboro, NC
111 W Church St, Tarboro, NC




1003 N Main St
Tarboro, NC 27886
5 beds 4 baths 4,786 sqft
c. 1879 Victorian: Eastlake in Tarboro, North Carolina …
1209 N Main St, Tarboro, NC
1400 N Main St, Tarboro, NC
c. 1901 Victorian in Tarboro, North Carolina
Robert Norfleet House, ca. 1850: Tarboro, NC
904 N Main St, Tarboro, NC
The Grove, ca. 1808: Tarboro, NC | Built by Gen. Thomas
Fountain Law Office, ca. 1895: Tarboro, NC
This is the only original, early Law Office remaining in Tarboro. It had to be moved many years ago to save it from demolition. Tarboro, N.C.


The look of a Tarboro Shotgun House when the potential and necessity of these little jewels is valued. Our inventory of shotgun houses must be saved to answer some of the community’s needs. We too can wear Joseph’s Coat of many colors. 












3 thoughts on “Let’s Ride Over To Tarboro And View How Commitment And Hard Work Wins Accreditation

  1. The town stepped up their game when they hired Tina Parker. She is a sharp young lady with experience, wisdom, and an extensive list of area players and partners with the interest to build Tarboro, NC.


  2. A great blog and fantastic example of a town that gets it!
    Rocky Mount could be so much more with effective and motivated leadership that has NO racial motive.


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