The City Council At The Long Green Table – Calling For Immediate Resignations

“If you can not explain it now, to those involved, and present, here on the mid-watch, then how will you ever defend it later when called to account at the long, green table.”

‘The long green table’  is associated with a Naval Court Martial or Court of Inquiry. The purpose of a Naval Board of Inquiry is to examine all particulars concerned with the event in question and to determine facts and cause, corrective action, and disciplinary action called for by the findings and suggestions of the inquiry. Traditionally, the accused sat at a table covered in green felt. The green felt was used in wardrooms on ships to help keep objects in place when the ship pitched and rolled.

The May 15, 2020, State Audit Report findings are indefensible.  They always have been. There is no acceptable explanation that can be offered. Those involved who now sit at the long green table have no recourse but to resign their various positions. In my opinion, there is no, come let us reason together. Not until the citizens of Rocky Mount have been satisfied that justice has prevailed and there is a reason to think that restored trust in good government has a chance.

It is obvious there are people who can’t bring themselves to accept and declare that wrong is wrong. It is as simple as that.  Sputtering that it is the Report that is in error, racially-based…..yadda, yadda, is nonsense. If a wrong is only wrong to some of us,  you get what we’ve got. There isn’t any come let us reason together UNTIL the wrong has been made right. The home-court needs a new floor before play can commence. Everybody that comes to play understands and is committed to the rules, plays for Rocky Mount not as an individual player out for his or her own gain, but as a team player that has reasoned that to live a life of possibilities that come true, everyone must agree on what is Right and Wrong.

4 thoughts on “The City Council At The Long Green Table – Calling For Immediate Resignations

  1. Well there it is in print!

    It was and is impossible for the entire council not to know that several of them were engaging in dubious practices that were and are against the oath of office they accepted once elected. Astounding that the previous Mayor, City Managers and others just looked the other way.

    As bad as looking the other way is what I find PROFOUNDLY disturbing is that cries of racism and discrimination were used to cover up misdeeds. Not only is this wrong but in many ways, it sets back acceptance and equality in the minds of many white people. Each time we discover that fake assertations of racism were used—we care less and less about equality.

    As children we all learned the lesson of “crying wolf”. Yet Rocky Mounts’ council cries wolf over and over to the disservice of all taxpayers. Certain council members have let their neighbors down and cast shame on the city.

    I for one am sick of this pervasive and tolerated rhetoric of race. Shame on the City Council and previous Mayors and City Managers along with all the others that knew and looked the other way–you have used up our trust and we no longer want you in office!


  2. Many people already know what I have learned only recently. People who went to high school with Andre Knight did not like his negative attitude, even then. They avoided his negative energy. He ran for President of one of the high school clubs, and the club wrote in the name of a very unassuming person, who wasn’t even on the ballot, in the same club instead. His explanation was ‘that person won because they are white’. Ugh.


  3. The new mayor needs to take this opportunity to unite the city and follow through on his campaign promises! Rocky Mount residences expect and deserve true leadership from there newly elected officials. I hope the mayor will prove to have these leadership qualities and not be a disappointment like the previous elected officials. FYI the buck stops with you Mr. Mayor!


  4. You need to name the scoundrel(s) and let the people of RM know. Of course most already know. I’m sad for my hometown.


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