Main Street Exhibit – Remembrance of Things Past

       “Look at the places where no one looks, so you can see the things no one sees!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

Those who follow Main Street know the words to its theme song about preservation, restoration, and repurposing the commercial buildings in historic downtown. One of the verses is about finding a heartbeat and pulse in each building and then setting about to save its life. In the world of preservation, there is great beauty in simple things of the past. I think of the stories behind all the doors we have passed through in our lives and hope there will always be someone to preserve the places where those stories took place.

FYI: Every house has doors, and every door has hardware that enables the user to open or secure it. The device seen on most new houses is the doorknob, but in old houses that date back to the 18th century, latches or lever hardware were more common. Understanding about types of hardware and where they come from historically can help explain what you might expect to find or use in a pre-1940s house in our historic districts.

(Images from my Pinterest boards on architecture)

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