Exciting News: Twenty Two Lofts on Main Street – Buildings Saved By Troy Davis

Two doors down from Davis furniture on Main Street we have this!

The first time I explored the alley behind Davis Furniture Company I was intrigued and excited to see some renovation had already taken place. It was quite a shock, however, to see the back of two buildings two doors down from the Davis business. Here is the picture I took that day that I have published several times on this blog in outrage that the owner of the building was not held accountable through the enforcement of ordinances or being sued by the owners of the adjacent buildings.

The Downtown Merchant Association is full of great news. One announcement is that the Davis Property Group is developing 22 lofts with roof top amenities in the 100 block of SE Main St.where these collapsed  building has gone unattended. My anxiety over loosing the facade, or the interior being struck by lightening causing a fire, and safety issues have come to an end. Here are new photographs showing the incredible damage cleared away. What a feat.


Alimentaire Wholesome Breads
Coming to 132 SW Main Street


There are already people living downtown, but remarkable energy and planning by investors, architects, and contractors are creating new living spaces in the midst of an emerging street scene around them. It’s early days, but the amenities that are needed to complete Main Street and surrounds are in progress. Here is the sign for a new French bakery that is being worked on. One more piece of the puzzle about to be put in place.

Thanks to people, both black and white, who are planting their flags throughout the Main Street areas, new stories are being created. Private investment, energy, dreams, expertise and vision are not only  economic drivers for Rocky Mount but are saving our commercial architecture; our signature, our story, our future.




4 thoughts on “Exciting News: Twenty Two Lofts on Main Street – Buildings Saved By Troy Davis

  1. Too seldom individuals “stake a commitment” for something that is of historical consequence. Unabashedly, Rocky Mount owes Stepheny a tremendous THANK YOU!
    Stepheny, you have written, reported, accounted for and cajoled all of us to see a better future while encouraging us to move forward.
    Stepheny’s blog, Facebook, attendance at meetings, pictures and love of architecture teaches us that the past and future can combine for something special!
    Trust that Stepheny–a nice, well-mannered and wonderful catalyst is a voice and a friend at work. Hard work, that makes a difference in Rocky Mount.


    1. What a lovely thing to write about the blog/FB page and me. If even a little bit of your assessment of Main Street is true, I’m thrilled. You are a dear cheerleader for my efforts and the emerging scene on Main Street. Leaving love and a hug in this reply for your friendship/support. SFH


  2. Thank you, Troy Davis! What an uplifting after picture you shared, Stepheney. And Alimentaire is coming to town – break out the wine and cheese and cheers! 🥳

    Appreciate so much your being our “downtown herald”! 🥰


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