Stepheny’s Telling Of The Story of the 16th Twin County Hall of Fame Banquet – PART 2

The family and friends of Jesse Mae Jones

Stephen King, the writer, thinks the best stories are about the people rather than the event. That was true in telling this year’s story of the 2019 Hall of Fame banquet. It is inspiring when you add together the long and varied list of accomplishments this year’s inductees have contributed to the life and times of Rocky Mount. That inspiration filled the large banquet room and lifted us to a better place. You could feel the outpouring of love and respect for those who have not only gone before us but are with us: continuing to make a difference in the world. You could hear the laughter and good cheer around the tables, feel the pride of family and friends who had come to honor the stories of these ten men and women.

Everyone who attended this event brought their own amazing stories with them. Perhaps the point of the whole exercise in having a Hall of Fame is so we never forget there is this large perspective. I believe that in honoring each inductee we also honor the setting of their lives. We must not forget the important ‘others’ who have lived and are living beside each inductee. If we take them out of their context, we not only lose their essence but the history they represent. I hope my story, your story won’t be lost. Leave us here in this place, with our music, our fashions, our causes, practicing the faith of our fathers. Stories help us know where we have been, how far we’ve come and that we are not alone in our endeavors. By their work and deeds, let these good people continue to inspire us. It was said of Inductee, Vernon Sechcriest that he lived a satisfactory life. That is my prayer for all of us that we too may live a satisfactory life.

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Inductee: Marilynn Barner Anselmi-Board Members Steven Raper & Lanny Shuff
Inductee: Lynell Bynum, Grandson-Chris Falk, Board Member-Stepheny Houghtlin
Inductee: Rachel Matthews Joyner, Board Member Mae Parker, Lanny Shuff


Inductee-Rachel Matthews Joyner, Board Member-Jane Gravely


Inductee-Frank Parker Phillips, Board Member Sandra Smith
Inductee-Paul H. Peel, Jr. President-Dave Irey
Inductee Julius Pepper. Aunt Betsy Battle, Uncle Danny Austin, Board Member Jane Finch
Inductee-Robert Henry Ricks-family members: Carol Boseman Taylor, Burt Douglas, Kent Haskett
Inductee-Vernon Franklin Sechriest, Neice-Mary Sechriest, Board Member-Mary Spires
Inductee-Peter F. Varney and wife Lynn Board Member-Mae Parker
Junior ROTC Cadets from Nash Central High School and LCDR Carther F Jorgensen, USN(RET)
Chairman, Naval Science Department

Gary Hodge’s Wonderful  Photographs Featured In This Post

4 thoughts on “Stepheny’s Telling Of The Story of the 16th Twin County Hall of Fame Banquet – PART 2

  1. Truly a wonderful and inspiring event. Smiles, hellos, hugs among everyone reminded me that our stories are often intertwined.


    1. Hi, Cheeyl-Thanks for leaving a comment. The invitation each year to the Induction Banquet is open to the public and publicized. It seems to fill up with the friends and family, and associates that are drawn to the event because of a personal tie to a deceased or living inductee. As I wrote, it is inspiring and anyone can come. There is a ticket price for all. Think about it for next year. I was just told that wHIG-TV aired it. Keep me company on the blog by ‘following.’ I’d love to have you. SFH


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