Big Change Ahead – October 8th – Keep Breathing and Believing

As for the election on Oct. 8th-have you voted? With all the talk and speculation, worry and who to believe, it feels at times like waiting for the umpire’s call after the slide into home plate just as the ball hits the catchers glove! Every little something means something even if it doesn’t. Like – look how worried the incumbent in Ward 1 is with all his tactics. Now that’s true!

Someone on Concerned Citizens posed a ‘what if’ question. I put my preacher robes on and answered. I forgot to say what I keep telling myself, keep breathing and believing!

SFH Answer: I knew a little boy years ago that came up with an expression I’ve used ever since.  “Don’t borrow a worry!” I will add what Julian of Norwich said, “All will be well, all matter of things shall be well.” These two notes from today’s sermon a few days before the election.

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