Betting On The Best Horses in the Rocky Mount Election Derby Oct. 8, 2019

Keeneland Race Track Lexington, Kentucky

At the University of Kentucky, I learned to play bridge in the Student Union, I became a life long college basketball fan, and I learned how to read a racing form! I learned not to schedule a class on Thursday afternoons in the Spring. The reason: the Spring Meet at Keeneland Race track that covers four Thursdays in April.  Opening Race -1:00 PM.

Some pick a horse simply by its name with little regard for its previous record. It is better to study the racing form (like looking at a person’s resume). You consider how many times the horse has raced (a person’s experience) and who trained the horse (a person’s education and work experience). How has the horse performed in prior races (their record)? I walk to the paddock area before a race to watch each horse that is led around. Before I bet, I take a good look at their confirmation, (listen to their plans) and I pay attention to their temperament. You put it all together and make a decision. Watching from the stands, there is sheer beauty and power in a thoroughbred horse turning the corner for the home stretch, bringing a cheering crowd to their feet. Pick wisely, and at the end of the day (Oct. 8th,) Rocky Mount will be the true winner.

These are high-stake races in the upcoming Election Derby. Make sure you check that your ‘horse’ has a  strong moral compass, leadership skills, experience, and is in the race to lead the people of Rocky Mount into a bright future. Self-serving City Council members have given racing a bad name. In Race #1, it is time to put a 16-year incumbent out to pasture. Enough! Place a large bet on the horse named Pittman. He is an absolute winner. There are some fine horses running in Race 3, 4, 5. Be sure the best prevail. We all look forward to the winner of the Mayoral race crossing the finish line signifying a new vision and strong leadership for Rocky Mount.

On Derby Day, as a UK student, I stood in the infield at Churchill Downs with a group of my sorority sisters and our dates. Older and luckier, I have worn a lovely hat sitting in a Derby box. On this Election Derby Day, I’ll meet you at the Winners Circle, where hopefully, you will be holding winning tickets in your hand.

                                  Predicting the outcome of races
Thoroughbred handicapping (in the USA) is the art of predicting horses who have the greatest chance of winning a race and profiting from these predictions. The Daily Racing Form (DRF), a newspaper-style publication, details statistical information about each horse entered in a race, including detailed past performance results, lifetime records, amount of money earned. I have studied the DRF!  and listened closely. I am ready to handicap the races for you. Good luck!

RACE 1  Andre’ Knight (i)   Tarrick Pittman

RACE 3  Richard Joyner (i ) Nellene Richardson,  Gwen Wilkins

RACE 4  T.J. Walker Jr., Elaine Williams

RACE 5  Robert Cordell, Elijah Daughtridge

MAYORAL RACE  Robert Alston, Kevin Jones, Sandy Roberson, Bronson Williams


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