The October 8th Election – “Don’t Make Me No Coffee Babe, I Won’t Be Back No More”

While sitting on the back seat of the car as I was growing up, I listened to my parents sing.  Over time, I learned the words to songs like  Stardust, Melancholy Baby, and Sunny Side of the Street. These classics have followed me through my life and in lovely ways, I think of them as “our” music…..those of a certain age. Along the way, I started listening to Country Music and to this day I can sing to you, If you’ve got the money honey, I’ve got the time!”

When I awoke this morning, a country song I hadn’t thought of in years came to me. I know why. This time next month the election will be over and we will have a new mayor and council members to celebrate. It will be the first step in replacing anyone who has done us wrong and a better way of doing business at City Hall. The song that is appropriate for this outcome is this: Dear John, I Sent Your Saddle Home


When I woke up this morning…There was a note upon my door…Saying ” Don’t make me no coffee, Babe…Cause I won’t be back no more”…And that’s all she wrote…”Dear John, I sent your saddle home”

I want to be able to sing this song the day after the election. That won’t t happen unless the community takes this election seriously and VOTES. You can vote early starting September 18th. VOTE EARLY ( I’d add the Chicago version of this admonition for good measure if we were living there) and VOTE OFTEN. We don’t have term limits, but we should. One Ward has had the same councilman since 2003 whose gradual power grab for financial gain far outweighs any good accomplished within the ward. We’ll deserve what we get if people don’t make the effort to go and vote. Ask others to jump in the car and go with you for good measure. “I sent your saddle home” is my newest idea for a bumper sticker. I hope the whole town starts singing this tune.


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