Rocky Mount Central Cafe Continues to Make Memories

Another initiation takes place at the Rocky Mount Central Cafe. It’s official, a true little citizen has now been baptized in the history, food, and people of a landmark destination downtown. Grammy was on duty today to pick up Annaclaire, 3-1/4-year-old great-granddaughter from VBS.  She wanted to go to Sonic, but I suggested this alternative. We called Mama for permission. “What a great idea!” So off we went. Annaclaire’s order… dog, French fries——and don’t mention this to Mama, I want Sweet Tea. Trying to walk a delicate line between, you can have anything you want, Love, and mindful of Mama’s rules, I asked for a SMALL cup. That seems right, don’t you think?

Three wonderful ladies that are the spirit of the Cafe each came separately to greet Annaclaire and say her name when she told them what it was. Folks came and went for lunch, many of them who knew one another. Guessing at their ages they had been eating at the Cafe for many years. Central Cafe is a small building but is bursting at the seams with memories.

Now another child will hopefully remember- I used to eat here with my Grammy. One last observation. Growing up in Evanston, IL. a famous Chicago hotdog was an occasion. It comes with ketchup and pickles. When I order mine that way at Central Cafe no one faints and falls out. Only dear Southern friends look at me askance as they order theirs with chili et. al. Next up: the carousel and train to further Annaclaire’s Rocky Mount memory making.  PS: The first thing AC told her mommy when we got home was, I had sweet tea!

6 thoughts on “Rocky Mount Central Cafe Continues to Make Memories

  1. Delightful! Your sharing of these dear people and places through your writing and photos is a true heartwarming treasure. Thank you, Stepheny!


  2. Stepheny, I’m in my early 50s. I brought my boyfriend from NC Wesleyan here and his roommate. Best deal in town for hungry students. My dad’s hometown. My mom still lives there. A must with all our boys when we visit. Not my mom’s kind of place. She’s from Massachusetts where me and my guys live. My husband gets a kick out of ordering a chili cheeseburger. They say, “Just cheese?” and he echoes back, “Just cheese.” I remember the carousel and train rides as a child with my dad, then as a parent with my boys. Everyone is older but the memories are sweeter than the seet tea at Central. Love your blog. Brings me home everytime.


    1. I’m delighted you took the time to add these memories. So true that these sweet images continue to bless us. Next time I get there I will take you along in my thoughts for SWEET TEA. Thank you for keeping me company on Main Street. I love it that it helps to bring you HOME.


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