I Ran Away With the Weatherman’s Wife ……Part One


to Elizabeth City, N.C. a community named one of the “100 Best Small Towns in America.” Situated in the northeastern corner of North Carolina on the Pasquotank River and Intracoastal Waterway, the City lies just west of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and just south of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Rich in history, saving their sense of place and the story of their people is evident everywhere. They have protected and cherished what has been left to them. The preservation and restoration of their downtown and adjacent areas is cause for great admiration and celebration. I had some time by myself on a bench. A breeze blows your hair askew and a noticeable fragrance hangs in the air from scented bushes, climbing Jasmine, and roses. The quiet is filled with a sense of timelessness. You dare not move knowing this
particular moment will be gone all too soon.

Like Greenville, S.C., this place is an inspiration. Besides the architecture, the people are friendly and helpful and just plain wonderful. My favorite was the UPS man. I was standing on one side of the street taking photographs of a Victorian home when I realized a UPS truck had stopped in front of me. The driver threw his hands up like he was posing and smiled and then waved as he drove off. His good humor will not be forgotten. It was hard to leave this preservationist’s dream. When you see what can be done with honest leadership, vision, and goodwill towards Men, you can’t help but feel envious. This business of being, what I call,  a day late and a dollar short, can’t be over soon enough with the elections in October and when justice prevails. Nothing less will do.

On Waters Street, there are three buildings being worked on.

The Green 3-story became my favorite commercial building of all.

         Attention to the historical details of this building can be found in all the structures that have been restored. In total, the visual impact is spectacular. Where there is a will, there is a way! New leadership, desperately needed here in Rocky Mount will provide the wind beneath our sails to protect and save our commercial and residential gems too. Elizabeth City proves it can be done.


This post is written with Diane Henderson in mind who has a heart for the preservation of old homes. She is a great tour guide and friend. She lived with her weatherman husband in Elizabeth City for two years. Our long-planned adventure finally realized. Thank you, Diane, I loved every minute!

Running Away -Part Two on Wednesday

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