Celebrating a Merry Christmas on Main Street Rocky Mount



Wishing all of you that meet me on Main Street a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with your heart’s desires. I look forward to seeing you in January when together there is so much to remember, a future to help build. As one of the Christmas trains slows down while passing through Rocky Mount, let’s all get on board. Lot’s to do, friends, lots to do!



A Christmas note from Stepheny:                                                                                                     This nativity icon means the most to me and I am blessed to have one like it written by an iconographer friend of mine. Isn’t it so that each of us must come and kneel alone as Mary kneels here without all the holy clutter to distract us. We are each asked, “Who do you say that I am?” If only in our hearts and imaginations, let us come and adore him this holy night. Christmas love to all.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating a Merry Christmas on Main Street Rocky Mount

  1. Thank you Stepheny for all that you have done to showcase our downtown and historic neighborhoods and for inspiring us and prodding us to stay on track.


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