Welcome to Washington Street Grille – A NEW Downtown Restaurant to Love – PART 2

You too can put your hand on the beautiful old brick at the Washington Street Grille. In fact, I insist. Show others what they are missing, help them look up and SEE what is going on around them. Besides the ambiance the preservation of this architectural building provides, there must be good food. At the WSG, there is an ample menu to select from, an appealing presentation, everything made from scratch.




Starting with Sweet Tea (of course) my choice…salmon on a bed of greens. Very good.





My friend, Polly Warner, picked three side dishes, which she loved. Collards, black-eyed peas, and the succotash dish she raved about.  You could go straight for the dessert menu. There will be gluten-free choices in the future. Before Polly took over, I was able to scrape around the edge of a yummy mixed berry (blueberries and strawberries) cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream, avoiding the cobbler part. The restaurant is not ready for Sunday brunch, but our meal, service, (everybody checking to be sure we were happy,) was a great way to spend a few Sunday hours.

If you missed PART ONE about The Washington Street Grill –Click Here


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