Your Friend on Main Street – Asking For Your Prayers

Remembering Robert G. Houghtlin, Jr.

You have been keeping me company on Main Street since July 2015. We’ve spent time together remembering the interesting and wonderful people who have been a part of Rocky Mount’s Story and we have celebrated the many steps that are being taken in the revitalization of the place we call home. You might find me taking photographs in the middle of the road, or taking notes while listening to someone’s story. You know I can shed a tear with little provocation or clap my hands when celebrating the progress that is being made. I know you will understand if I tell you that I’m operating on a lower frequency than usual. My dear boy, Robert Houghtlin, Jr. slipped off early Monday morning. He was proud of my involvement in writing the blog and didn’t fuss when I knocked on strangers doors. I want to share the link where Bob’s obituary is posted on Wheeler & Woodlief web page, which I wrote in case you have time to help me honor this fine man.. I look forward to continuing the series on West Haven when I have my feet under me again. You’ll understand the delay. Until then, your prayers would be a blessing.


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