It’s Not Too Late! Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden At The Happy Hill Community Garden – Part 2


1208 Gay Street 

There is great interest across the country in community gardening. They can be found in public parks, religious centers, schools, backyards, and even on rooftops. Individuals come together to grow food, build relationships, and celebrate their communities. Rocky Mount has a place that is perfect for its community garden. They are as diverse as the people gardening in them. Ann Raver – garden writer, says, “Gardens are the first sign of commitment to a community.  By their connection to the land, they are connected to one another.”


I enjoyed meeting with Steve Warren, Park Superintendent, and Matt Sledge, Recreation and Parks Department, who are charged with the responsibility of the Happy Hill Community Garden. YOU HAVE GOT TO GO AND SEE THIS PLACE AND THINK ABOUT PLANTING A GARDEN! The City provides a locked storage building, water spigots, compost, hardwood mulch, which people can use to amend their plots before planting. There is not enough man power to have someone on site everyday, but they do a wonderful job with the work it takes to keep things ready for renting a plot and joining the fun of community gardening. This is a place Rocky Mount can be proud of thanks to Steve Warren and others involved. The first time I saw the gardens I was captivated, this serene space, a few blocks off Sunset and near Beal Street Square, is a treasure that falls in the category of under appreciated Rocly Mount assets.

There are guidelines for the Garden which participants sign off on. The Registration Form states the fee is $15.00 for the 1st plot. Additional plots $10.00 and $5.00. It is not too late to rent a plot and create a fall vegetable harvest. To register and lease plots, go to the Parks and Recreation Department on the third floor of the Fredrick E. Turnage Municipal Building at 331 S. Franklin Street in Rocky Mount. For additional information, questions, or concerns, call the Parks and Recreation Department at (252) 972-1151. There are on-line applications.

This spring the City offered the Rocky Mount Garden Club one of the four raised bed with the idea that the membership might take an interest in the mission of the garden. Community outreach is part of the Club’s purpose, and the board hardily agreed to get involved. Perhaps, like L.W. Farmer, over time, the Garden Club can help others learn more about growing vegetables and more.

In accepting the offer from the City, a Herb Garden was designed and planted by members of the RMGC. Members have been volunteering throughout the summer, watering and weeding. The herbs are available for harvesting by those who come to the garden. If you would like further information about the Garden Club, I can answer any of your questions. Think about renting a plot and enjoying the experience of community gardening.

Rocky Mount Garden Club Members Preparing To Plant A Herb Garden For The Community


Go and Snip a Few Herbs for Tonight’s Recipe

IMG_3531       IMG_3993

One thought on “It’s Not Too Late! Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden At The Happy Hill Community Garden – Part 2

  1. Love gardening would love to volunteer help sometimes I am the Ebc church flower garden caretaker and would love to help with your summer vegetable garden project


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