Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of the Launch of Main Street Rocky Mount 7-22-15-16

Stepheny Houghtlin Launches Main Street Rocky Mount Blog

I invite you to FOLLOW a blog with an attitude.

Republishing the opening post in celebration of the 1 year anniversary of this blog. THANK YOU everyone who is now following and leaving interesting comments. I’ve spent time with fabulous people, listened to wonderful stories and am having so much fun! I hope the blog has brought you pleasure and will continue to do so. Someone said to me who follows the blog, “Stepheny, I’m excited again because you are excited!” The following is the opening ‘Main Street’ introduction.

A doctor will tell you they don’t know why attitude is important in getting well, they only know that it is.  A positive attitude is paramount in the day to day efforts of building the future here in Rocky Mount, NC.  The on going creative process is taking time and patience, but we keep our eye on the prize.  We might not always agree on how to get to where we want to go, but no idea is dumb, no suggested wasted, as a vision unfolds and one piece at a time falls in place.  One thing is for certain, negativity, like repeating old crime statistics that are actually trending in the right direction, is tantamount to shooting ourselves in the foot and has to stop.

In launching this new blog, I hope to make an enthusiastic contribution to the new chapters that are being written about this place we call home.  The theme of this site is Honoring the Past, Building a Future. I will be writing about places and people, past and present, places like The Rocky Mount Mills and Historic District that are pearls of great price in our midst.  I invite you to come and stand with me on Carr Street and listen once again to the echo of children’s laughter, and to the sound of the katydids in the trees. Do you know what a ghost sign is? You soon will. Come downtown to Virginia’s to shop for a great looking women’s jacket, to The Bath Place for lavender soap, to The Smokehouse for the best scallops ever. We will visit places like The Farmers Market and The Artisan Center. In preparation for this launch, I’ve spent time with wonderful people: Polly Warner, Peggy Daughtridge, Evan Chavez and John Mebane, John Jesso and Russell Wooten and Sheila Martin are but a few of the amazing folks I will be writing about.

I was once told, “Stepheny, we all have a part in the chorus.”  I see my part in this Rocky Mount production as part story teller, part cheer leader. I know there is room on stage for everyone, no auditions necessary, but do speak the lines you have been given with an attitude that adds to the long run of the show.

25 thoughts on “Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of the Launch of Main Street Rocky Mount 7-22-15-16

  1. Would love to meet with you sometime. Contcat me via email. I am working to revitalize downtown and working with many in the area collectively to make Rocky Mount a thriving – fun – and enjoyable place to live.


  2. Stepheny, I am excited about your R.M. blog. Wonderful idea for getting out positive information about our city that sometimes takes a newcomer to notice.


  3. I am glad to see positive postings. I have painted some of the old Rocky Mount landmarks based on my memories of growing up and my family serving in several jobs in a Rocky Mount in the 1940’s to the 1970’s.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Would love to talk to you about your memories and turn them into a reflection. You could photograph some of your paintings and I’ll use them as illustrations for the post. Sound like a good idea to you?


  4. I was born and raised in Rocky Mount and have wonderful memories of growing up there… I look forward to reading your blog….it’s not the town that makes the people, but the people who make the town, and you are a perfect example of that !


  5. Moved here a year ago and am very interested in learning more about this city. Looking forward to your postings.


  6. There are some great merchants to be found downtown and along Church Street too. I work two blocks from Main Street and have a studio at Bel Air Artisans Center, two blocks from Main Street. (I think you’ve been there.) A lot of good things are starting to happen downtown in general, not just Main Street, but more needs to be done.


  7. Nice to meet you. We moved to Rocky Mount almost 3 years ago. We looked last fall into relocating to Jax or Wilson, but Rocky Mount is home now and we love the central location. Every city has crime. People can dwell on the numbers or as you say, look at the positive things a city has to offer. And in our eyes Rocky Mount is a growing city attracting young families with lots to offer. Please stop by our shop East Carolina Exotic Pets @ 847 Falls Road and see what we have to offer!


    1. This is the kind of story that needs to be added to this blog. You are the reason I am excited to launch Main Street Rocky Mount. Thank you for adding your positive comment. Please follow the blog and join my cheerleading squad. Thanks.


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