D.J. Rose – Movie Star or Contractor? – Part 2

thI could make up a story about D. J. Rose, and tell you he was a movie star. Based on this photograph, would you doubt me? This gorgeous man has long settled into his place on the family tree, yet he is not forgotten. I’ve gazed at this photograph, hoping Mr. Rose would reveal himself. He sent me in search of some facts to help imagine his surroundings. We know he arrived in Rocky Mount in 1890 at age 29. Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President (1889 to 1893), elected after conducting one of the first “front-porch” campaigns, delivering short speeches to delegations that visited him in Indianapolis. (In today’s political climate, I was drawn to the word short.) Amazing people were born in 1890, which could easily side-track us. People like Dwight Eisenhower, Rose Kennedy, Agatha Christie, Charles de Gaulle and Boris Pasternak.

HERE is a youtube link to the popular songs of 1890-1920.

713px-StateLibQld_2_167751_Group_of_men_wearing_three-piece_suits,_posing_for_a_portrait,_1890-1900            In search of clothes worn at the time of Mr. Rose’s arrival, I found this  photo of men wearing three-piece suits, posing for a portrait, 1890-1900. With his handsome face, I hope Mr. Rose never wore a mustache.

We know that in time, David Rose married Anna Phillip Woodall. They had three children: Mary Lucille Rose Ward, Ira Woodall Rose and Vera Durham Rose. After Anna’s death he married Vira Benton with whom he had five more children. With apologies to these two women, their stories must wait.

peoplesbank3-323x400Between 1890–1918: D. J. Rose and Company’s new business is established. In 1900, offices are opened on Rose Street, where Mr. Rose partnered with fellow builder S. S. Toler until 1910. The company oversees notable projects such as the city’s first electric power plant in 1901 and the Bank of Rocky Mount (right) in 1918. We salute Rose and Company for their numerous projects. You can read HERE about the Ricks Hotel, one of his many contributions to Rocky Mount.  Don’t miss Part 3 to learn more about the accomplishments of D. J. Rose, and an upcoming event you won’t want to miss.

7 thoughts on “D.J. Rose – Movie Star or Contractor? – Part 2

  1. Our present-day Dillon Rose(s) are just as good-looking…the family tree is serving them nicely! and Katie Rose is beautiful and smart as well. It is a lovely family; Rocky Mount should be proud.


    1. Your comment makes it sound that D.J. Rose is part of your family tree. True? If so, do you have stories about him that have passed through the family? Please continue to join me as I write about honoring the past and building the Rocky Mount future. I look forward to your company,


  2. I did not know that Peoples Bank (which I think the picture depicts) was originally the Bank of Rocky Mount. The Bank of Rocky Mount, I remember, currently stands empty and is the most attractive building on the 300 block of S.W. Main or maybe of all the Main Street smaller buildings. You are on the mark about D.J. Rose’s good looks which I noticed right away when reading your first article about him. Thanks for posting the u-tube link to songs of the time, Amazing how many of the songs still run in our heads and pop up at sing-a-longs.


    1. I grew up listening to my parents sing songs like, Sunny Side of the Street and Stardust. I learned all the words sitting on the back seat of my parent’s car. It was natural for me to wonder what songs David Rose might have danced to, courted, and hummed. Delighted, Linda, that you have joined me in honoring this important man in the Rocky Mount story. Thanks!


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