Edgemont – A Star in Rocky Mount’s Crown – Part 2

When driving through the Edgemont Historic District, the overlay of time is noticeable, but this is ‘no never mind’ because of the architectural delights that await you. The absence of traffic allows you to drive slowly up and down the streets. I believe that nothing is lost, and so the homes along the way have a collective memory that remains within them. They remember those who walked their dogs the last thing at night, the murmur of voices on the porch, the children learning to ride their bikes who keeled over in front of them. They remember the goodnight kisses hastily stolen at the front door. They remember ladies luncheons with bridge to follow, the men washing their cars on a Saturday morning. The sound of radios with people gathered round to listen to important broadcasts, a baseball game, music. There were gleeful children running to meet their fathers returning from work, the ebb and flow of life of new births and the deaths of the oldest generation. We can’t forget this amazing area because it helps us know who we are. One needs to look past the imperfections of a house that a good exterior painter can fix, past any shrubs that may have grown woody and sparse. Embrace the architectural significance, the great location to downtown, the spirit of the lifestyle and story that Edgemont embodies. I’m actually pleading with realtors to bring their clients into this neighborhood that is affordable, beautiful in the eye of the beholder, and a perfect place to set down roots and thrive.

Realtors, investors, prospective homeowners: Edgemont is listed as a historic district and makes property owners eligible for grants. Get in your car, take your camera, drive slowly along to enjoy one home after another. If you find a For Sale sign, imagine the potential,  appreciate this architectural asset and its history. Tell others to go and get reacquainted with the area. Edgemont is something to be proud that offers a great sense of place that wants to make new memories. Please share this with any realtor you know. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Edgemont – A Star in Rocky Mount’s Crown – Part 2

  1. The home pictured here (615 Eastern Ave) was our family’s dwelling from June 1984 until 1992 when my maternal grandmother had to come live with my parents. (I was ages 11-20) At that time, my parents bought the D.J. Rose house on Sunset, and they were there from 1992-2004. I have fond memories of biking around those streets, little league baseball at Eastern Ave Park and Tom Stith (flooded), open gym at R.M. Wilson, etc. I’m a 1990 graduate of Rocky Mount Sr. High.


  2. Stepheny, thanks for seeing far beyond any weeds. I appreciate your clear appreciation of my home town that I miss.


    1. To a gardener, weeds are just another form of plants in the garden that are planted in the wrong place. There are no weeds in Rocky Mount…as a co-president of the Rocky Mount Garden Club, I know what I’m talking about. ONLY a special sense of place that offers a cultural context to its wonderful history. Hoping this blog says…smell the ROSES! Thanks for leaving a thought. Come back and see me.


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