The Koi Pond Opening Offers a ‘Third Place’ Opportunity


Koi Pond’s Brand New Path Leads to a New Day in the Life of  Rocky Mount

5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm


As Billy Crystal would say, “You look marvelous, darling.”

I have been writing about a fascinating conversation with Vann Joines, the downtown prophet, which is taking several posts to share. A good teacher lights a fire under a student, and I left our Smokehouse lunch to hurry home to begin new research to further understand a concept Vann explained. Let’s add the expression The Third Place to our learning curve because it is vital to the revitalization of Rocky Mount. When considering the question, why people pick the places they live today, the 3rd place is essential to that decision.  The creative workforce selecting Rocky Mount is looking for a lifestyle experience throughout the community that offers dining, music and performance. Creative people like Vann Joines have a new set of priorities in making place decisions. Think how the opening of Koi Pond helps establish a sense of place, connected as it is with the Mill. The revitalization of the downtown area with its unique history and culture offer KEY 3rd places to gather. The Smokehouse and Twitch in the historical Douglas Block area,  Milton & Miles at the Imperial Center. These places offer a safe place to gather in great settings. The opening of Koi Pond Brewery is A BIG DEAL because it speaks to our unique environment. If you were at the opening you experienced in living color a wonderful example of how 3rd places become “anchors” of community life. We welcome Koi Pond Brewery, clapping our hands and cheering.  We believe in this wonderful new scene and the future of Koi Pond.

IMG_2857IMG_2869IMG_2855IMG_2859  IMG_2871
You see the nicest people at Koi Pond! Look who I found at the opening…daughter Claire, and Father George Greer, granddaughter, Sarah Katherine, and husband, Brandon


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