Making Their Home in Rocky Mount


Robin Owens Latham

Robin is a bright, articulate, native born Rocky Mount woman, who is living and working in a place she has always called home. One reason she remains is to live close to her family. Robin has memories of  accompanying her grandmother on errands downtown Rocky Mount, stopping at Almands to pick up a prescription, on to Sonny’s Take Out for a foot long hot dog and a 10 ounce Coke. Robin says, “Coming downtown was just what you did.” She can tell you a lot of  ‘once upon a time stories,’ the history of things, about the people who began to move away in the 1950’s, who have now inherited downtown buildings which they can’t bring themselves to sell, but have allowed the buildings to sit vacant. Robin has lots of ideas about these challenges, and is a big proponent of her home. Rocky Mount is lucky to have her on their team.

Robin graduated from Northern Nash high school and has gone on to teach English full time at Nash Community College.  You can find her nurturing the creative side of herself at The Bel Air Artisan Center in a studio she shares with her husband, Mike Latham, the current Chair of Rocky Mount Historic Preservation Commission. Robin paints, collages, works in mixed media, and makes jewelry. The best birthday present I’ve heard about in a long time is the gift Mike gave Robin; the gift of her studio at the Center. FYI: Different size spaces include utilities and 24 hour access and can be rented by the month. No wonder the current 12 studio artists are big supporters of the Center. It provides them exposure, and the inspiration they derive from one another. Here is a quote from Robin you will enjoy.

“My dream is for the downtown area of Rocky Mount to come back to life. My family and I shopped downtown frequently all throughout my childhood. I loved the old Belk Tyler’s, Almand’s Drugstore, and so many more great shops. There are some wonderful local businesses still there and newly added. We just need more! If I had a billion dollars, I would buy up the buildings and give grants to people to create businesses on Main Street – some with apartments above! Life brings life! We can do it!” 


Handcrafted with copper or aluminum wire and a variety of beads - vintage beads, semiprecious stones, etc
Handcrafted with copper or aluminum wire and a variety of beads – vintage beads, semiprecious stones, etc

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