Ringing the Bell – Classes Begin for Seven Important Students


Monday, August 17th is a RED LETTER day for Nash Community College, and for seven students starting the first offered classes in the Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation Degree Program of Study. It might seem like a ‘no never mind day’ to most, but, it will go down in the history books of Eastern Carolina when the significance of this event is told in years to come.  No one is more excited about this moment than Dr. Trent L. Mohrbutter, Ed.D. He is Vice President for Instruction & Chief Academic Officer at Nash Community College where he helped create, shepherd, and launch this new degree program. Dr. Mohrbutter is an infectious man to be around. Personable and enthusiastic are two words that come to mind in describing the person whose name will be linked to this partnership with The Brewmill, and the entrepreneurial track that NCC offers.

The Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges approved the accreditation for this new NCC degree program. They were invaluable in offering suggestions along the way ensuring the programs readiness for 100% success. An important name in this endeavor is Sebastian Wolfrum, Executive Brewmaster, who helped create the curriculum that will equip a student not only to brew craft beer, but to create a business plan, attract investors, and create jobs. JOBS are on the heart and mind of the community; this Degree Program is going to create an industry in our area. You can count on it! People are going to come from all over to NCC to earn this degree. A percentage of these students will go out the door to start a business in Rocky Mount and the surrounding area while taking advantage of the partnership with the Brewmill’s incubator concept. You’re familiar with the quote, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Today is that kind of day for seven students and for our community, who congratulate everyone involved in this partnership.

For further explanation, PLEASE take time and watch this great Youtube video featuring Dr. Mohrbutter, Evan Chavez, Sebastian Wolfram, and equally the man of the hour in my book, Dr. Bill Carver. As President, he has created an atmosphere at NCC that encourages people to dream, “Let’s bring something to the community that doesn’t exist.”  Grab hold of the rope and help ring the bell for the Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation Degree Program of Study that begins today.

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